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Monday, 18 February 2013

The Bridge And The Tightrope

The Bridge And The Tightrope
"The 'bridge' will be several planks wide, and sturdy to the touch of your awareness. For those not ready it will be the cutting edge of the tightrope... they shall not be able to cross that abyss... for their separate self is too much in control. And the toxins of the shadow will not be permitted to cross.

Already the bridge is being created once again. Minds are being prepared to cross. Others follow in the wake who are selfish and arrogant. They are the ones who Belial has captured with his glamours of delusion and crazy notions. They have delusions of grandeur... they will be left behind as they will most surely lose their footing across the tight rope before ever they reach the bridge...

This is the truth and it is happening now. All of what is to be perceived shall be thought forms and changes in perception. Until the time that the frequency of the manifest lifts to a level when you shall wander these mental planes in conscious awareness.

In dreams, in meditation know you enter these realms. That it is the truth contained within the chronicles. The manifest be a much slower realm than that of the mental plane. The mental plane in turn much slower than the Atlan realm... what ye perceive as 'the spirit world' is still not the same vibration as the Atlan Realm. The spirit world be part of the illusion too...Atlan lies in a much higher vibration.

What ye seek as Atlan resides beyond the spirit world. That is the other truth that Belial keeps from you. For even within the spirit world, Belial has dominion. For such is the extent of this delusion....

In this manifest illusion it has been written that you die and you move to heaven or hell. Yet also, to further the confusion, it is written that there is nothing after you die. Belial uses confusion as another means of gaining control...

To state this again... the worlds of manifestation and of spirit are both parts of the same delusion. They are merely rooms in the same house created by the broadcasts of the orbiting planetoid...Where you seek to travel lies beyond the spirit world.

That is the truth. Anything else is a blatant lie. It is the truth which your soul cannot deny. You are trapped in illusion, marshalled by illusion... fearful of your own shadow. You have the right to leave this game... but that right has been taken away. You enter by freewill... but have your freewill taken from you."