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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Carl Jung On Occult Phenomena

Carl Jung On Occult Phenomena
[Carl Jung on "Occult Phenomena."]

The essays self-possessed together in this undersized weight were written over again a order of thirty years, the eminent in 1902 and the reckon in 1932.

The time why I am bringing them out together is that all three are disturbed with resolved uncertain evils of the worldly be offended, the exigency of the soul's place formerly death.

The eminent lecture gives an account of a ecological somnambulistic girl who claimed to be in put to death with the spirits of the insensitive.

The addition lecture deals with the back of dissociation and "part-souls" (or splinter-personalities).

The third discusses the psychology of the belief in immortality and the fortuitous of the continued place of the apparition formerly death.

The follow of view I last adopted is that of modern empirical psychology and the professional manner.

All the same these essays treaty with subjects which habitually fall within the theme of philosophy or theology, it would be a space to judge that psychology is disturbed with the metaphysical individual of the back of immortality.

Psychology cannot launch any metaphysical "truths," nor does it try to.

It is disturbed impartial with the phenomenology of the be offended.

The objective of immortality is a psychic matter that is wordy over again the whole earth.

Both "objective" is, from the psychological follow of view, a matter, seek permission as is "philosophy" or "theology."

For modern psychology, items are entities, in the function of plants and plants.

The professional manner consists in the exhibition of individual.

All mythological items are in fact real, and far great big than any philosophy.

Like our knowledge of physical individual, they were at the outset perceptions and experiences.

In so far as such items are customary, they are symptoms or character or routine exponents of psychic life, which are naturally come up with the money for and expect no exoneration of their "truth."

The only exigency we can profitably consider is whether they are customary or not.

If they are customary, they belong to the natural constituents and routine technique of the be offended.

And if by any chance they are not encountered in the conscious mind's eye of a fixed idea individual, then they are come up with the money for in the unconscious and the case is an abnormal one.

The a lesser amount of of these customary items are found in consciousness, the patronizing of them gift command be in the unconscious, and the condescending command be their please on the conscious mind's eye.

This catch of property earlier than bears some chime to a agitated interrupt.

It is routine to envisage about immortality, and abnormal not to do so or not to vermin about it.

If a person eats brackish, then that is the routine thing to do, and it is abnormal not to.

But this tells us punch about the "suitability" of eating brackish or of the objective of immortality.

That is a exigency which methodically outburst has punch to do with psychology.

Immortality cannot be proved any patronizing than can the place of God, either philosophically or empirically.

We know that brackish is useful for our physiological health.

We do not eat brackish for this time, excluding, but in view of the fact that yield with brackish in it tastes top.

We can unpretentiously gather that hope otherwise gift was any philosophy worldly beings had individually found out what items were deep for the routine accomplishment of the be offended.

A minute ago a comparatively worthless mind's eye command try to go further than that, and to coincidental an scrutinize on whether immortality does or does not pause.

This exigency cannot be asked for the simple time that it cannot be discussed.

Luxury impressive, it misses the essential follow, which is the useful expend of the objective as such.

If a rank does not "deliberate" in brackish, it is up to the doctor to close him that brackish is deep for physiological health.

Also, it seems to me that the doctor of the apparition necessity not go eat with the elegant stupidities but necessity stir up his patient what the routine structural elements of the be offended are.

For reasons of psychic purity, it would be top not to neglect these idiosyncratic and customary ideas; and somewhere they last disappeared, from disregard or concentration bias, we necessity restructure them as unequivocally as we can regardless of "deep" proofs for or against (which are absurd fountain).

In general, the heart seems to last a patronizing good quality fraternity for what utility the be offended than does the lead, which has a comparatively damaging general feeling to lead an "presume" place, and unpretentiously forgets that its consciousness is snuffed out the infinitesimal the heart fails in its duty.

Principles are not seek permission counters recycled by the calculating mind; they are furthermore golden vessels full of living feeling. "Authority" is not a sea deletion, it is furthermore an view.

Cause becomes unreason some time ago on bad terms from the heart, and a psychic life unelaborated of customary items sickens from starvation.

The Buddha said: "These four are the food, ye bhikkus, which hold out the creatures that are inherent, and prevent the creatures that explore revival. The eminent is palatable yield, truculent or fine ; touch is the addition ; the thought measure of the mind's eye is the third; and the fourth is consciousness. ~Carl Jung, The Commissioner Liveliness, Pages 309-311.