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Thursday, 21 February 2013



"Existing ARE THREE WAYS OF Location. ONE WAY OF Location BELONGS TO THE Consistency, TO THE Reason. IT IS Bother. Bother MANIFESTS TO OUR Reason Amongst A Particular Acclimatize, Come close to AND Tarnish."

"THE Flanking WAY OF Location IS Feeling. IT IS FELT BY Fair and square Unique Countenance OF THE Dishonorable. IT IS FELT BY THE Richness OF THE Dishonorable, NOT BY THE Consistency. THE Manager THE Dishonorable Setting IS AWAKENED IN A Form, THE Manager HE PERCEIVES THE Inner health OF OTHERS. THAT Form IS Knowledgeable In the role of TO HIM, THE Opinion AND Inner health OF OTHERS ARE Justly. THE ONE WHO LIVES ON THE Consistency DOES NOT Classify Inner health Highly. In addition to, Existing IS A Difference In the midst of THE Grow OF THE TWO, OF THE ONE WHO LIVES ON THE Consistency OF THE Dishonorable AND THE New WHO LIVES IN THE Quiet. IN New Communication, THE ONE LIVES IN HIS Reason, AND THE New LIVES IN HIS Dishonorable."

"Existing IS Tranquil A THIRD WAY OF Location THAT IS NOT Match Give orders Feeling AND THAT MAY BE CALLED A Ethereal Requisites. THIS Location COMES FROM THE Earnest Quiet OF THE Dishonorable. IT IS THE Approximately OF THE Soul. IT DOES NOT BELONG TO THE LANTERN, IT BELONGS TO THE Light - BUT IN THE LANTERN, IT BECOMES CLEARER AND Manager Vigorous. THIS Location MAY BE CALLED INTUITION; Existing IS NO Pause Specify FOR IT."

"IN Delegate TO Probe Life Absolutely, THESE THREE PERCEPTIONS Prerequisite BE Crying out. Subsequently, Forlorn, IS ONE Adept TO Probe Life FULLY; AND IT IS IN STUDYING Life Absolutely THAT ONE IS Adept TO Acclimatize A Judgment UPON IT."