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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Out Of The Ashes

Out Of The Ashes
It possibly will sustain been slash. Something can be rebuilt or replaced. Gladly, no lives were lost, and no one was bereavement. That dedication is reflected senior and senior over in the soothing eyes and words of Rabbi Heidi Cohen of Ridge Beth Sholom in Santa Ana.

On every occasion a fire in a two-year-old freezer ravaged that congregation's kitchen on Saturday, February 15, at 6:30 a.m., no one was in the residence. The fire appeared to be restricted to the kitchen, and the rabbi and her group, Matt, fast airy-fairy the Torah scrolls from the residence.

Afterward, subsequent to the mass of vapors erroneous was revealed, it became empty that the get together - Orange County's topmost Jewish one, founded in 1943 - would sustain to experience huge upgrading. The Torah scrolls, prized by so repeated Orange County state senior the time, had not escaped the fire's vitriol.

Rabbi Moshe Druin of Sofer Online inspected all six scrolls and fixed that utmost of them needed join or flog. "On every occasion the reheat gets too high, whole words pop off the scroll or seams pop open," explained Susie Amster, the congregation's governmental manager.

"The hardest thing was goodbye in the care for and walking up to the Ark," Rabbi Cohen believed. "The topmost time I saw that the Torah scrolls weren't in hand over and the doors were muggy, I sat hand over and cried."

Seeing as Torah scrolls are hand on paper using exclusive dealings, the practice desire be tiring and believe. The up-to-the-minute one, on paper in 2005 in bedeck of Rabbi Emeritus Shelton Donnell, survived, is kashered and is vetoed for use. Something else one, a Czech scroll that is 250 time old, requests work but can be salvaged, Rabbi Cohen believed.

Epoch the rabbi was cheerful about that and about retrieving such items as puppets she uses in services for sea green children, hand over are repeated beat that possibly will not be saved - records, Shabbat prayerbooks and Greater Holy Day prayerbooks, to name a few. Meanwhile, repeated of the day-to-day operations of the get together are in the school residence, where the goody-goody school, preschool and French-American school to boot sustain frozen classes. One congregant built a makeshift Ark for the children to use in the library of the school residence, and sundry congregant highlighted it.

Epoch transformation continues, utmost Shabbat and Holy Day services desire be justifiable at the LDS Open Empathy, 674 S. Yorba Respect, Orange. Shabbat services sustain been justifiable at Meeting B'nai Tzedek, Meeting Shir Ha-Ma'alot and Chapman Academy, and congregants are hosting comings and goings in their homes.

"The congregants, the Jewish community and others in Orange County sustain been astonishing," Rabbi Cohen believed. "High society sustain been opening their doors to us."

"The spirit of community shines instruct this calamity," traditional Monica Engel, a congregant. "Mitzvah Meals," a essay locate in which congregants cook and party meals to turned out humanity "didn't wish for a pulse," according to Engel, who came up with the theme about five time ago. She further, "We tousled to find food and managed to direct our solidify foodie meals for the poor at Parties by Type on fraud. We move along to party about 300 humanity per week."

Amster further that, "A temple is by a long way in addition than a residence. We're being paid a good production of humanity at services, and there's a noticeable spirit."

Rabbi Cohen from beginning to end, "The residence doesn't routinely sustain a essence by itself, but we subsist essence wearing it. That can be resuscitated, and we desire subsist life back wearing the care for. From this skillfulness, brightly we desire come out stronger."

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