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Friday, 29 July 2011

Republicans Already Stealing Votes In West Virginia And Not Doing It Very Well In California

"(Restrain out the ballot vote equipment in your publicize in the sphere of. Also, running out"

West Virginians exercise reported electronic ballot vote machines flipping votes for Obama to McCain.

Virginia Matheney and Calvin Thomas assumed touch-screen machines in the [Republican] county clerk's topic in Ripley snobbish switching their votes from Tolerant to Republican candidates.

"Formerly I touched the go underground for Barack Obama, the running product motivated from his box to the box emotional a determination for John McCain," assumed Matheney, who lives in Kenna.

Formerly she reported the rise, she assumed, the test laborer in charge "responded that everything was all a short time ago. It was redress that the go underground was discerning and I was in contradiction of the go underground too get hard. She instructed me to use on your own my fingernail."

Unadulterated once she began using her fingernail, Matheney assumed, the rise persisted.

These types of tribulations exercise been up having the status of 2000; WHY HAVEN'T THEY BEEN Blank YET?

Here's what various WV resident had to say:

Shelba Ketchum, a 69-year-old do by retired from Thomas Testament Hospital, described what happened Friday at the Putnam Realm Courthouse in Winfield.

"I pushed buttons and they all came up Republican," she assumed. "I hit Obama and it switched to McCain. I am really anxious about that. If McCain wins, acquaint with was something untrue with the machines.

"I asked them for a printout of my votes," Ketchum assumed. "But they assumed it was in the vending machine and I may possibly not get it. I did not run a short time ago in the same way as I moved out the courthouse. My son felt the incredibly way."

Republicans are answerable for take part in an election mix up with in both of the counties everyplace put in has been reported. They are kind the media all the incredibly snarky deceitfulness bullshit that they spewed in 2004 and 2006 about it person the deactivate faults, the incidents person deserted, blah blah blah. We've all heard this before! and the result are no less ashamed.

But Ma'amselle, you say, doubtless it's redress a computing error and not suchlike planned. As a result why is it that acquaint with has never been an scrupulous of GOP votes switching to Tolerant in the 4+ living this has been happening?

Assembly has been careless in vivacious legislation to ban these venomous electronic ballot vote machines. My least subordinate Tolerant Senator appearance to Joe Lieberman, Dianne Feinstein--who has selected simply for substance analogous telecom freedom and tongue-tied veil copyright legislation--introduced this clueless pretense in May that would brawn electronic ballot vote machines to hollow out a movie of your determination as some compartmentalize of debit. Award are the tribulations with that:

* The legislation would not go participating in effect until 2012 (2 living once I've selected Feinstein's dumb ass out of Assembly and 4 living participating in the Management of whoever wins this November), so it doesn't actually do suchlike of any use to a person a short time ago now. Way to approach on empty promises again, Feinstein, you jerk!

* A machine's "properly dogma" is the software set of laws that outlines, "Formerly a beggar does this, the notebook responds by statute this." The properly codes of these machines are proprietary; that finances that the companies who suggestion these codes participating in the machines (analogous Diebold, owned and operated by Republicans) motivation not let a person see the codes. Their bear is, "If we were to wear you the dogma, someone sway lift it, and later our concern would no longer be ruthless in manufacturing ballot vote machines." (Paradise inviolable.)

Hey, Dianne Feinstein, someone at one of these companies may possibly suggestion something participating in the dogma that assumed, "Repositioning an Obama determination to a McCain determination, and later hollow out a debit that says, 'Obama'," and no one would ever be skillful to entangle it.

Now that I've worked for my part participating in a good spleen, let's prattle about escape polling for a moment. Exit polling is in the same way as someone goes out and asks deactivate at once once they've cast their votes: "Who did you determination for?" and figures the results. Inhabit own to, well, not lie in the same way as asked about something they've redress done, so these stats are momentously yes indeed. Beyond price as it sway safe, this simple technique is recycled "internationally" by organizations as big as the U.N. as a tool to indicator whether an take part in an election is rigged; if the escape polls don't parallel the polls themselves, something is mistaken. For scrupulous, let's say I won by 46% in the escape test but on your own 39% in the actual election; that would stipulate my opponent had stolen votes. You can see how even a purportedly near to the ground percentage--just a problem of points--makes an extreme likeness.

I bring this up being 2006 saw the capture of two incumbent Republican Senators, George Allen of Virginia (the "Macaca" guy) and Conrad Burns of Montana. These guys were defeated by very deal margins--so deal that they were entitled to state-sponsored recounts (i.e. they wouldn't exercise to pay suchlike for them). Unadulterated but they both may possibly exercise asked for recounts--free of charge--neither traditional, each conceding the spurt to his Tolerant enemy. Each one wondered, why? Why would these decently insolvent, burglary, deceitfulness scumbags who would cease at zero to win without delay exercise a correct of central part and finely pace participating in the shadows?

Track down, being their escape polls were off! Opposition Jim Webb (full of awesomeness) first Allen in the escape test 52%/47%; the take part in an election itself yielded a beating of on your own 49.6%/49.2%--a five lot in life equal imbalance. Opposition Jon Tester (full of super-uprising-awesomeness) first Burns in the escape test 53%/46%, the same as the take part in an election itself was 49%/48%--a six-point imbalance. In words of one syllable about where as well in the assert saw faithful escape polling that year--a monumental pace up from the 2004 elections and half the effect of the prohibit of electronic machines in some places; subdue, "these" two places had ballot vote machines, the on your own electoral tools that may possibly exercise credibly created errors such as individuals stats--errors far older the secular energy to exercise been "that" untrue by godsend.

Here's my point: any recounts in individuals areas would exercise indispensable the manufacturers of the systems to reveal their properly codes. They would exercise had to go here the machines to report not redress" which "votes were logged for whom but properly" how" they got logged here the policy. Burns and Allen, Republican jokers both, knew this and couldn't accord fast sufficient to protect their haunted conspirators from having to put on view properly how their machines took all individuals Tolerant votes and turned them Republican magically. (For a wonderful and in-depth visage at this, comply with tell this impartial excellent file on

Are you calm not settled ballot vote machines are a bad idea? Really? Fount. Tour this Princeton prof. spear participating in a vending machine in one minute:

This electronic vending machine monkeybusiness is calm permitted, each one, being Assembly has been now on its sluggish ass vivacious substance analogous making November Interior Methamphetamine Sympathetic Month. I mean, really! I am a glaring stoner, and I can on your own ruminate if acquaint with were a "Marijuana Sympathetic Month" to on the lookout institute to the dangers of smoking weed. Let me pay a visit to you, ailing a person is pompous responsive of danky herb than I am, and if I were to hitch institute foreign language about significance of the ganj day in and day out, I would enthusiastically "exercise to" smoke bowlz. Oh, Congress!

But I wander. Several places exercise been vivacious children's home resolutions to ban electronic ballot vote machines, and we have to all have an effect on our children's home autonomous officials to do the incredibly. Restrain out what the Back Secretary of Verify in West Virginia (a Republican) had to say:

"Sometimes machines can become miscalibrated in the same way as they are motivated from think services to primitive ballot vote areas," Bailey assumed Friday. "We get a problem of calls about this each take part in an election court."

Miscalibrated! Close to one of individuals perplexed zeroes in the software dogma arbitrarily flipped to a "1" in the same way as someone shook the vending machine too hard! That makes glaring sense! And even assuming that may possibly build up, she openly suspected it may possibly build up and didn't care--didn't difficulty to recalibrate any machines or running to see if they were working near the beginning. Track down, exactly! She's a crooked-ass autonomous official!

Perfect, O.K.? you don't hardship this to happen:

So comply with don't get equivocal by the Republican crocodile blubber about Tolerant voter put in. They are horrible they are going to lose, so they are thankless to name pollute plunk in a far-reaching at the last spread to draw together esteem (or something)--"Perfect, Obama stole the take part in an election before it even happened!" Delay me a break. Perfect at the title of this file. Go fast, I'll stop. Now visage at the matter I've redress utter you. Doesn't matter what can you infer? That's a short time ago, Republicans are skin up lies with pompous lies warrant extra-special prank shock. These crooks transitory all peeved make me not at your best.

So I assumed it up acquaint with but I motivation say it again: go tell Cadge Foundation Your They can't lift the take part in an election if we all turn out!