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Monday, 4 July 2011

A Secret Freemasons View Of Old Age And Death

A Secret Freemasons View Of Old Age And Death
It's captivating that in the Freemason's third average they focus on to the "Hold of Ecclesiastes" in the Bible. The greatest extent cloth parts time the end of Point 11 and Point 12.

These Chapters result in discern and a heading of our lives, the way we age, create a hint that introduce may be whatever thing at what time death.

ECCLESIASTES 11, Point 11, VERSES 9 AND 10 gives us an introduction: "Triumph, O juvenile man, in thy youth; and let thy principal fun thee in the days of your kid, and march in ways of thine principal, and in ground-breaking of thine eyes: but know thou, that for all these substance God decision bring thee popular judgement. Followed by remove austerity from they principal, and put apart evil from thy flesh: for childhood and kid are vanity."

In other words apply your kid but call to mind that you are unhurried likely to God for your endeavors... and old age decision shoot.

ECCLESIASTES Point 12 - Amongst A FREEMASON'S INTERPRETATION:"Celebrate now thy Source in the days of your kid, ever since the evil days come not, nor the living seize nigh, following thou shalt say, I view no enjoyable in them" (modish is a take notice of that our days are three assess and ten and, if by reason of profundity they be fourscore living, yet is their profundity labour and austerity).

"Even if the sun, or the light, or the moon, or the stars, be not darkened" (kid lives in the ray of sunlight, and even at night the moon and the stars result in lumination; but these blessings are not forever; intensity comes to the last), "nor the clouds return at what time the rain." (kid is a time of pleasing showers, but as one grows what went before the clouds hypothesis).

Ecclesiastes continues with strong representation. In the days following the keepers of the back home shall shake" (the hands and arms shiver), "and the strong men bow themselves" (the back and legs become leaning), "and the grinders bring to an end so introduce are few" (with age the teeth fall out), "and folks that gaze out of the windows be darkened." (the eyesight fails).

"And the doors shall be seal in the streets, following brilliant of the grinding is low" (with old age comes loss of anxiety, and the sleeve world becomes cut off), and he shall rise up at the exhaust of a bird" (the old man wakens with the plants) "and all the daughters of music shall be brought low." (the nervous exhaust decision be sans tune).

"Afterward following they shall be terrible of what is high" (heights are terrifying), and doubts shall be in the way" (walking in the street is terrifying), "and the almond tree shall proliferate" (their hair becomes as white as almond blossoms), " and the grasshopper shall be a anxiety" ( the thin old man drags himself losing), "and desire shall recede" (he has no thirst): "so man goeth to his desire home" (death is here), "and the mourners go about the streets." (the professional mourners stand approximately waiting to be hired).

"Or ever the silver row be loosed" (before the row of life snaps), "or the jug be scratched" (before the cup of life becomes tinny and the stowage drain apart), or the pitcher be scratched at the positively" (death comes to some in the midst of their work), "or the wheel scratched at the reservoir." (man is a delicate leap which chute popular disuse).

All in all a moderately sorrowful picture this paints of the ageing conduct. Bit it does end with, "Then shall the refresh return to the earth as it was" (earth to earth, coals to coals, refresh to refresh): and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it." (the spirit of man returns to his desire home to be with his Source).

I'm joyful that the Freemasons circle to be saying that introduce is an afterlife (which is also what I take up) but their heading of ageing doesn't view to be. And this is what I print to be one of the evils with man having such a stumpy life: we are fated, and as a consequence take up that of course substance kick out at discrete ages. It's the credulity of this polish that we view to subdue. It decision it would seem compel a few generations to do this but we decision do so in the end. Otherwise we read about how 60 is the new 40 and other explicit statements.

One day we decision learn to stirring to the coil of time advantageous to bring about our full promising.

The exceptional interpretation, together with Freemasons: The Formalized Responsibility Of A Master Mason were hectic from secret Freemason manuscripts.