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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Hin Onde Discografa 1999 2003

Hin Onde Discografa 1999 2003
1999 - Ahti's Down in the dumps [Tape]Viking MetalTracklist:01. Edge of Ragnarok 02. Fimbulwinter 03. God of Crash 04. In the same way as Mountain and Become old 05. Towards Mimir 06. Laudably of the Entry Indulgent DownloadPass: theblackhorde
1999 - Wild September Fire [EP]Viking MetalTracklist:01. 24th September 115502. Sprite and Tom03. Lores Of The Elapsed Ones04. PaganheartDownloadPass: theblackhorde
2000 - Songs of RavelViking Metal Tracklist:01. Songs of Ravel02. Save of Hel 03. The Rune-Singer's Flow04. Soulswan05. Twelve Chubby Men06. Ardent the Share Alue 07. Fimbulwinter 08. Unswerving Obscure Landscapes 09. Native tongue of the Wood 10. 24th September 1155 11. Paganheart 12. Save of Hel (Alt. explanation) 13. The Rune-Singer's Flow (Alt. explanation) 14. Soulswan (Alt. explanation)DownloadPass: theblackhorde
2003 - Shades of SolsticeViking MetalTracklist:01. Ukonvasara02. Sorcery of the Mysterious03. Invincible Panic04. Lamentations of the Nap05. At the Gates of Pagandom (Unreleased Hand-out Organize)06. Judicious Journey07. In the Reforest of Grieve08. Galdr09. The Obsolete Traveller10. Shades of SolsticeDownloadPass: theblackhorde