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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Missionlegalismtradition Hinders Spiritual Growth

Missionlegalismtradition Hinders Spiritual Growth
Hold back from a break. Thank you, executive, for your toddle in the Lord!

EMPHASIZING Situation. As 1961, UBF's strength has been our import on update. As soon as I studied Start 1 three decades ago, I prized the maxim "Man = Situation." I qualified this in Start 1:1 Bible study incessantly for a area of a century as my update until a few existence ago. I although worth my life of update and Bible teaching. I am as incited and temperate to teach the Bible today as I was while I became a Christian in 1980. The unmarried glum rearrangement is that I now wish to at the outset "disorder to the gospel of the smartness of God" (Acts 20:24), and to proclaim/preach "Christ and him crucified" (1 Cor 1:23, 2:2) as my interior import, have a preference than emphasizing update imperatives. So, my situation of Start is no longer update, but Jesus (Jn 5:39,46).

A Situation Central AVOIDS CHRIST. As soon as I emphasized update (on the other hand it is biblical), I considerate on verses that forced me and others to strive for update. "Recant for myself and generate up my grouchy" (Mt 16:24; Mk 8:34; Lk 9:23) was my fondness for 2 decades. So were "make disciples" (Mt 28:19) and "grass livestock" (Jn 21:15-17). Little I "denied for myself, made disciples and fed livestock," I messed up to attach more rapidly to Christ and felt deceitfully and stranded. Why?

A Situation Central LED TO LEGALISM, Orthodoxy AND PHARISEEISM. Emphasizing update made me legalistic by emphasizing our UBF traditions, such as in concert swayed hymns, having a agree format for be devoted to service, emphasizing cut and devotion in methodologies, meetings and prayer topics and announcements, etc. In brief, I became worriedly conventional, sectarian and very small-minded of whatsoever done in a "non-UBF way." I so despised "mega-churches, non-discipling churches, specialized Christians, non-missional Christians," etc, that I would garbage them at every time. I became a Pharisee of Pharisees.

Situation BURDENS; THE GOSPEL GIVES Latitude AND Cause to be in. From my singularity, a natural (aristocratic) import on update (stretch assuming the gospel) burdens and wears out Christians. I suffered from CFS: Christian Sleepiness Syndrome, stretch pushing for myself to "try harder!" and "don't be lazy!" It also hinders spiritual go up and maturity. I had to rethink my Christian life. God helped me to find coverage (Gal 5:1) and rest (Mt 11:29) in the gospel after 25 existence of Christian life. As soon as I singularity coverage and rest in the transforming power of the gospel, God energizes and empowers me to work harder and happier with ambition and zeal. This is nothing but the smartness of Jesus to me.

Together with all my ignoble, I although percentage and worth my life of update of making disciples. But Jesus is leader than my update. Do you abuse Jesus on top than your mission?