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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Is The Occult Evil Or Bad

Is The Occult Evil Or Bad Image
Why do so many relate to the Occult being an Evil or Bad word..? Is it because so many are afraid of what is hidden or is it because when people do not understand a topic it is easy to just label it this way and get on with life.. Personally I think the study of the unknown, is a personal aspect many of us should reflect on, even if it is only for a short part of our lives..

Firstly if the Occult was evil or bad would that mean all religion is bad..? I mean we can't all understand the hidden meanings to religion's so does that mean we should put it in this category as well..?

Secondly if the Occult was bad or evil would that mean that every time we experienced something we did not fully understand, that it is an evil experience, or does it mean that we are bad..? It's like you delved into something, others do not get so, so oh my gosh, that is so bad (or evil.. )..


All these thoughts about the Occut being like this raise so many fear issues with the world that makes it harder to understand it more.. I think partly MAJOR RELIGIONS SUCH AS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH ARE TO BLAME for these ruling of what is evil or good.. I remember when I was a young teenager, I used to read a lot about many aspects of the Occult and had many books on the subject. They were all interesting reads mainly focused on meditation, trance and astral experiences. Basically they were all harmless.


One time I lent some of these books out (and they were not cheap mind you) to my girlfriend (Connie) at the time and her parents found her reading them. The book she was reading was mainly about meditation and trance, a favourite of mine and her parents grabbed it off her and burnt the book THEY CLAIMED ANYTHING THAT WAS NOT CHRISTIAN OR CATHOLIC WAS THE WORK OF THE DEVIL OR THE OCCULT.. When I found out I was so upset and confused.. I mean they were all books focused on healing meditation and trance, two focuses Jesus used with his disciples.. The only difference is Jesus called it praying.. And lastly when people claim the Occult as a bad act, does n't that put all religion under the same boat when you think about it, THE OCCULT MEANING THE STUDY OF THE ALL PARANORMAL AND HIDDEN..

What I later concluded about this was that this was there own personal fears that created the reaction, it is sad when this sort of thing happens. They could of just simply stopped and thought about it them selves without putting religion first and then only a positive aspect would have been seen.. However that is life I guess..


Books in PDF format to read:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - At The Mountains Of Madness
Edward Smedley - The Occult Sciences

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