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Friday, 3 June 2011

Hierotheos Bishop Of Athens

Hierotheos Bishop Of Athens


READING: According to some, Hierotheos, comparable Saint Dionysios, was a example of the court of law of Mars Rise up. Having to start with been instructed in the Optimism of Christ by Paul, he became Bishop of Athens. He, in turn, initiated the divine Dionysios additional favorably in the field of the mysteries of Christ; the later, on his part, elaborated additional clearly and properly Hierotheos' quick and mouthful wisdom with reference to the Optimism. He too was brought miraculously by the power of the Saintly Extend to be put forward at the Dormition of the Theotokos, seeing that, together with the sacred Apostles, he became a over of the divine hymnody. "He was altogether elated, altogether far-off himself and was so piously deep in thought in communion with the sacred things he high-status in hymnology, that to all who heard him and saw him and knew him, and yet knew him not, he seemed to be romantic of God, a divine hymnographer," as Dionysios says (On the Angelic Names, 3:2). Having lived in a fashion pleasant to God, he reposed in the Noble.

APOLYTIKION IN THE FOURTH Character Starting thou hadst been instructed in decorum thoroughly and wast alert in all things, thou wast respectable with a good sense of right and wrong as befitteth one holy. Thou didst raffle from the Singled out Slyness unspeakable mysteries; and having diffident the Optimism, thou didst bring to a standstill a comparable course, O Hieromartyr Hierotheos. Intervene with Christ God that our souls be saved.

KONTAKION IN THE PLAGAL OF THE FOURTH Character As Athens' Hierarch, we household name thee, when straight thee we have time-honored schooling in things exciting and ineffable; for thou wast a God-inspired rhymester of divine hymns. O Hierotheos all-blessed, do thou pray to God, so that we may be redeemed from all calamities, that thus we may cry: Wallow, O Twitch sensible in things divine.


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