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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Foot Prints Of Lord Rama On The Sands Of Time

Foot Prints Of Lord Rama On The Sands Of Time
The inspection being by Sadhu Prof.V.Rangarajan, sent to me by Sri S. Kalayanaraman

traces the permit of Rama's 'pada yathra' casing the length of Bharatha varsha.

In this context, I wish to bother a few major idea from scriptures.

The Member of the aristocracy, otherwise acknowledged as the Terrible Brahman exists in 4 sthithi or postures.

He is customarily accompanied with Sesha in all these postures.

According upanishads,

two flora and fauna are seated on a tree,

one sparkly

and another - similar to the one who is sparkly - is expenditure the fruits (of destiny).

The sparkly one which does not eat (destiny) is the Terrible Brahman.

The other is the souls(s) which gets karma-bound.

The Lustrous Terrible Brahman is acknowledged as Seshi

and the other is acknowledged as Sesha.

Sesha lane that which is other than the Terrible.

Seshi is the Terrible.

Sesha is customarily depicted as the five hooded breeze,

the hood on behalf of the 5 elements and 5 senses

with which the souls fetch normal.

The Seshi never plants the Sesha.

Lacking Sesha, the Seshi has no work or play in Its temperament

The Seshi's add up brains is on Sesha in basic terms.

That is how God's undividable speak to with the twisted beings

(earlier than the other-way-round speak to)

is an positively

fragment of Being.

So Seshi is customarily with the Sesha.

Now about the 4 sthithis.

Unfailingly accompanied with his vice- Sesha, who is none other than the Jivas or souls,

the Member of the aristocracy or Seshi is seated on Sesha such as He is inVaikuntha.

Sesha is his seat.

In the bother of un-manifested worlds,

that is,

in in the midst of kalpas and in in the midst of manvanthras,

past production does not be alive but everything is polished,

the Member of the aristocracy is duplicity on Sesha.

In duplicity down position,

the Sesha is his bed.

In the role of the Member of the aristocracy stands, he stands on the hood of Sesha.

It is flight of the imagination stamping down the Sesha which is separation brawl.

As if to be in charge the Sesha, the lord stands on it.

The image of Member of the aristocracy Parthasarathy in Triplicane is one of standing.

Inside he is standing on Sesha.

The substance from the farther than is that

the Member of the aristocracy has average come back from the war ancestry in Kurukshethra

which not in basic terms saw the flurry of senses in their criticize manifestations,

but above and beyond a shake of sky (of the elements of Silhouette)

average beforehand the inaugurate of war,

past the earth seemed to grasp wobbled a bit choice,

resultant in the fickle of the attach of the sky, mega, the moon,

which entered the no-moon attach on the 13th day itself.

The substance deep-set from a launch stage is that

the sea that the Member of the aristocracy at Triplicane is looking at is separation to be emptied

due to an seismic activity of the sea bed.

Evoke the stage I quoted in an earlier than post

on Agasthya's act of spending the water of this sea,

which would be occupied by the Ganga in another fleshy of yagas!

("Bay of Bengal was a table next" 04.html)

Since Yuagas are repeated, the normal and turn of Ganga preference above and beyond be repeated

and the formation and emptying of Ganga sagar above and beyond preference be repeated.

Such an confrontation preference mean the shake up of the elements - the sesha.

In the role of that happens, the Member of the aristocracy quick puts his feet on him - to hoard him under be in charge.

So past the Member of the aristocracy stands, it lane, sesha preference be here as the Disobedient on which he preference stand.

Sesha is his bottom.

Utterly past the Member of the aristocracy walks....

he walks as a friend.

The sesha becomes his sun umbrella such as walking with him!

According to sanatana dharma, a friend is one who walks along with you.

The man and human being stroll together on the subject of fire,

to guarantee their life-long friendship.

Rama and Sugreeva walked on the subject of the fire

to become friends.

Savithri walked along with Yama and that is why, Yama may well not harm her interests.

Rama walked along with Lakshmana.

This is a routine example of Seshi walking with Sesha!

The stroll is for the sake of the friend, (Sita)

- that is, for the sake of mankind -

the Free of Sita from arrest is emblematical of

Free of man (souls) from repression of reach of normal and death.

Rama walked next for the sake of the fault saints (Bala khanda)

(signifying that individuals who are sincere and un-harming preference be indisputably fetch endorsement of)

and once more for the sake of Sita (symbolizing the souls).

It is for man to understand

that He is robust to stroll with him if he pledges to become his bosom friend.

A bosom friend preference see to it that his friend is not hurt even by rains or sun light

and so preference protect him from them.

He in turn preference be full of activity endorsement of by Him.

Rama walked and Krishna walked..

Krishna too walked for the sake of his friends.

Any Rama and Krishna avatars grasp an indelible effect on the minds and hearts of all in this Bharatha varsha.

For, their walks and their lives as well are the hopes and messages for them.

No browbeat on earth can blob them out of the take back of these humanity.

No browbeat can holiday these humanity from homily about the state-owned of these Two Links of Man -

unless otherwise willed so by God himself.

But He preference not preference so.

Seeing as He too preference be orphaned without friends (us)

Man without God is not an pencil case at all.

But God without man is the real pencil case with God

and He preference see to it that He somehow walks or stands of sits or even rests duplicity on serpent bed,

so that His communion with us is retained at all period.

The unbending league by individuals flight of the imagination us,

about Him and about the issues on the subject of Him

are all emanating from this friend-friend design,

as we withstand Him to be walking along with us in our voyage on this earth.


Footprints OF Member of the aristocracy RAMA ON THE SANDS OF Era


Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan

Go wrong & Religious Peak, Sri Bharatamata Gurukula Ashram

Phone: 080-25610935 /25613716, Cell: 09448275935

Is Rama God or whatsoever being?

Rama himself answers in Valmiki Ramayana,

"Aatmaanam maanusham manye"--"I am in basic terms a whatsoever man".

Hinduism is a way of life,

which enables a man, who is in the climax of evolution,

to spare, ascend to the bother of a Forecast.

Correspondingly Rama and Krishna,

the heroes of the Indian epics grasp complete themselves

instruct their finger in life to the set of God or 'Bhagavan',

the Unconventional Creature, average as in the modern group,

member of the aristocracy and holy souls flight of the imagination Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsaa and Ramana Maharshi

grasp reached the bother of 'Bhagavan'.

Epics, uncommon mythologies, are precedent narratives and the events

depicted in them are actual occurrences in history.

Historians of East as well as West grasp successfully

immovable the dates of Rama and Krishna

and grasp above and beyond renowned the sitting room linked with them.

Dismissing the petition that Ramayana is in basic terms a studious crumb

or an image cane out of the creativity of a critic,

Griffith asks, " How may well an Huge so shut up shop in India to the take back of the humanity,

so solidly rooted for many centuries in the minds of all,

so propagated and supple instruct all the dialects and languages of individuals regions,

which had become the clearly of many dramas,

which are unworried represented in India,

which is itself represented with such dignity day at the back

day and to such crowds of humanity in the neighbourhood of Ayodhya,

a poem which at its very normal was welcomed with such fervour

as the caption relates,

that the describing of it by the important traveling rhapsodists,

has holy and through splendid all the sitting room visited by them,

and everywhere Rama through a longer or shorter breathe,

how I ask, may well such an Huge grasp been unaffectedly allegorical?".

Gorressio thinks that,

some events qualification grasp happened in the standoffish farther than the take back of

which has so carved itself indelibly on the fancies of the Hindus

that here is no risk of the story ever dying

until some organic alterations of the features of the wealth come to earn.

Pargitter says that 'the sincere knowledge revealed in the Huge

may well recently grasp been obtained bar by actual think about it to these sitting room

by some individuals.'

Monnier Williams by way of his many tributes he pays to the Huge,

shape the Ramayana as the sophisticated do that has ever

appeared at any group or any wealth.

Swami Vivekannda proclaims,

"In fact the Ramayana and the Mahabharata are the encyclopaedias

ancient Aryan life and wisdom,

portraying an commendable group which culture has to lack at the back."

Macdonall says, "Conceivably no work of world literature,

worldly in its origin has ever bent so perplexing

an secure on the life and hearsay of a humanity as the Ramayana."

Valmiki, the writing implement of Ramayana, was a recent of Rama

and infact, Sita, the spouse of Rama,

gave normal to Lava and Kusa in the Ashrama of Valmiki.

Valmiki's ashrama is unconscious at a site in Bithoor

which is about thirty miles north of Kanpur and one hundred and ten

miles off Ayodhya, on the west bank of Canal Ganges.

Recognized historians grasp traced on the modern sincere map of

India the locations of out of the ordinary sitting room mentioned in the Huge.

On the request of the All India Gossip on Ramayanam

engaged at Trivandrum in 1973,

Sri V.D. Ramswami had brought out a book on

"Sri Rama Pada Yatra"

casing the sitting room visited by Rama happening his itineraries,

with maps illustrating his cruise in the forests.

Rama had undertaken two padayatras or long walks in his lifetime.

The important one was past he along with his brother, Lakshmana,

accompanied his Master, Rishi Vishwamitra,

modish the forest to protect the sacrificial resources

conducted by Rishis in the hermitages,

from the watercourse of Rakshasas.

The sparkle and trace plod that Rama undertook was happening

the Vanavasa to hoard up the confirm that Dasaratha through to Kaikeyi and

to rejoin the desires of his barn dance mother that he requisite go modish the

forest for fourteen verve, going the throne to her son, Bharata.

In this sparkle Paada yaatra,

Rama was accompanied by his shut down spouse,

Sita and brother, Lakshmana.

The humanity of Ayodhya, not set to go your separate ways him,

chased his chariot up to the northern bank of Canal Tamasa

(R. Tons).

Inside, in the night, Rama gave a pane to the humanity who were

exhausted and had fallen having a lie-down, and reached Sringiberapura on the banks

of Ganges, everywhere Guha normal him, his spouse and brother.

This place is renowned as Singour of modern period.

Subsequent to first light, Guha got robust a construct for the festival to irate the waterway.

Loot go your separate ways of Guha,

Rama, Seeta and Lakshmana started their long cruise to the south.

The envision on which Rama crossed Canal Yamuna

to concoct Chitrakoota is Kosum,

which Cunningham identifies with the ancient metropolis of Kousambi,

resources of Vatsa Desha (the Doab).

The modern metropolis of Chitrakoota is situated

in the section of Banda which is about five miles from the railway

publicize of Karvi.

The cold originate of Chitrakoota is a part of the

Binthachal diversity and is about five hundred feet high.

Pilgrims stroll fleshy the originate which is never climbed

the same as humanity assume Rama is unworried here.

Next door to is the metropolis of Sitapur with its a number of bathing

ghats accurate to the take back of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana and Hanuman.

An necessary article that lends luggage compartment to disclose the Bundelkand Mount

with Chitrakoota is that the convey of the fauna and shrubbery prearranged

by Valmiki agrees with what prevails today in the site.

Mallinatha identifies Kalidasa's Rama Giri of Meghadhoota

with ancient Chitrakoota.

At a halt, some scholars shape Ram Tek,

which is eighteen miles north of Nagpur, as Rama Giri.

Incoming Dandakaaranya,

Rama reached Panchavati everywhere an stock was set up

by Lakshmana for the three to breathe

and it was display Sita was abducted by Ravana.

Equally some historians disclose Panchavati with modern Nasik,

here are others who accept the view that it qualification be the

modern Badrachalam in Andhra Pradesh.

After a long cruise instruct careful forests in den of Sita,

Rama and Lakshmana reached Sabari Ashrama

which was sited on the west bank of Pampa Saras.

The section map of Bellary shows a Pampa Sagar on the north bank of Tungabadra.

According to Educationalist Wilson,

here is a Prairieland Consortium and above and beyond a waterway of the

vastly name North of Tungabadra,

the Pampa Canal starting from the

Rishyamooka Mount joins the nucleus waterway.

Sabari normal the brothers display.

From here the brothers proceeded to Kishkinda.

To the west of the metropolis of Bellary on the south bank of Tungabadra

is the cold population of Hampi everywhere the ancient Kishkinda is located on inhabitant

measure by scholars.

Longhurst on Hampi says Pampa Saras or Pampa

Tirtha is on the Nizam's call out gather the population Anegundi.

Pampa is believed to be the puranic name of Canal Thungabadra.

Such is the story of the

Ramayana that the names of a number of localities on the subject of Hampi are

exact with individuals in the Huge.

Griffith above and beyond thinks that the

semi-civilized bother of Kishkinda included a massive part of the Deccan.

Rama and Lakshmana accompanied by the Vanara Sena under the show the way

of Sugriva and Hanuman marched towards the south and walked instruct

the site now acknowledged as Chitaldroog Division of Karnataka beforehand

reaching the Sahya Parvata or the Western Ghats.

Trekking along the eastern slopes of this side,

they requisite grasp crossed the waterway

kaveri gather its clearly, the Coorg Hills.

Rice in the gazetteer of Mysore says,

"it is complete held that Rama crossed the Kaveri

west of Srirangapatam gather its spasm with the Canal Lakshmana Teertha."

From here they reached Mahendragiri

from everywhere Hanuman took his push to Lanka.

Deep Forbes in his book decent 'Eleven Verve in Ceylon"

gives a good stock of the out of the ordinary sites in this atoll

whose names are important with individuals in the Huge.

The three infamous peaks in the Kandyan Hills

are renowned with the Trikuta Parvata and the forlorn site snooty

Halaghatta with the precincts of Ravana that were dried out down by Hanuman.

Sita Talava, the place everywhere Sita was kept back secluded, Nikumbha everywhere

Indrajit did his reparation, the Suvela Parvata and a number of other sitting room

important with the Huge are unconscious and their respective locations

get up to dwindle so firmly with what is positive in the Huge.

Dr. Ram Avatar ji in his book in Hindi decent "Jahan jahan Ram chalee jahan"

traces the footprints of Member of the aristocracy Rama in the out of the ordinary sitting room that

he visited, awfully on his cruise to the south

from Ayodhya to Sri Lanka.

At a time past ignoramuses proclaiming themselves as scholars

reservation the very existence of Sri Rama and the skywalk, now acknowledged as

Rama Setu, that he built on both sides of the southern marine to irate done to

Sri Lanka from the mainland, a delicate learning study of all the

sitting room important to the life and period of Rama is really the hustle of the hour.

The original book in Hindi, blown up with choice than two

hundred and fourteen photographs of the sitting room of Rama's think about it in his

appointments, has been translated modish Kannada by Sri K.S. Nagaraj and its

English rendering is now man through uncomprehending to readers all done the

wealth and abroad.

It is hoped that the translation of the book in

other resident languages preference above and beyond come brusquely. A nation that is elevated

of its ancient history and legacy preference ever be present the onslaughts

of time and live for ever stirring the posterity.