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Monday, 27 June 2011

Fairy Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle Tarot Card Deck

Fairy Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle Tarot Card Deck Image
"You are invited to enter the realm of the Faery! The Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle"
is your doorway into the magickal realm of the Faery. Each gloriously illustrated card is brimming with secrets, messages, insights and
guidance directly from the most helpful and wise nature`s guardians, delivering clear messages and direct and loving guidance. Easy to read, yet deep, mystical and rich, the "Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle"
includes an in-depth guidebook revealing the secret lore of the Faery realm as well as clear lessons on how to connect, create and nurture deep relationships with your own Faery guardians and allies. The
included card layouts allow you to give powerful, insightful and
accurate readings for yourself and others.

When you connect with the Fae, their powerful natural magicks can assist
with healing and enhancing your health, activating vivid psychic
abilities, gaining insight and direction within your relationships and awakening your innate connection to abundance. You`re life then becomes an inspirational experience, full of meaning and joy. Your own ability to see, sense and feel the Fae accurately will grow stronger and clearer
each time you work with this enchanted, inspiring deck, steeped in
authentic, deep Faery magicks.

Books in PDF format to read:

Ella Hepworth Dixon - Fairy Tales From The Arabian Nights
Lincoln Order Of Neuromancers - Apikorsus An Essay On The Diverse Practices Of Chaos Magick
Charles Perrault - The Fairy Tales Of Charles Perrault

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