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Thursday, 23 June 2011


I have the benefit of a million things to do, some things to version, natty up the domicile. I'm cold and and I am uncertain to clarity, but it isn't departure to get ahead of. Nope, in the same way as all I can atmosphere about is Atmosphere. I am blond not departure to get what done, nope not until this blog is on paper, it requirements to be on paper and needs to be on paper.......

Lets start distinct weeks ago. The full moon in December 2012, I was asked to go with a friend to a In use Moon mat. I went, donate was nothing very puzzling about it. I had a heavy time, but intend I said donate was nothing puzzling...... or was there? Early we nestled down by the fire for some basic ephemeral, we were told to version some things on scuttle paper. I don't raise up what I wrote severe, but I do know that I wrote "to remove population things that no longer served me". If I had accepted what the make happen would be, I greatest prospective wouldn't have the benefit of on paper that. I am selfish, I love big, and don't intend point. So why ask for this? Respectably in the same way as things have the benefit of become jumbled. I have the benefit of found it trying to discriminate where the line is amongst what I aim, what I atmosphere is best, and what really is. I am heavy at assign others with a very high devotion pay, but for instance it comes to face-to-face, I do exertion. So clutching the scuttle paper, I wind my way by means of the mat. At the headquarters I said my prayers, and let my wants glide on the contact of magic out dressed in the innovation. Give to at the forefront me was a basket, I didn't begin at the basket, I presently slid my hand in, smooth rocks motivated particular and tumbled by means of the basket. I said, be the cause of me the stone with the contact that I understand, the one that is apt for me. I rational the rock until I was out of the mat and back dressed in the chronological world. I read the contact and it said Atmosphere, I scoffed a bit, I am fearless! I charge forward tackling complexity and situations as they come, I never back down. My good friend got a special rock with 2 words, serenity and love. The others seamed to have the benefit of gotten all fantastic rocks with words intend happiness, support etc. I felt a bit jipped, but I likewise price my Gods and my Guides. I placed my stone on my register and that was that!

Now we develop at 2013 the year has blond begun and the magnificent things that are in the sphere of are wonderful! I am so blessed and January isn't even over! I had finished lists of things that no longer served me, started to process off old Bellydance costumes, be the cause of to one side old magical items I no longer recycled and knew others would have appreciation for. I cleaned out my undisclosed. I was removing the clutter! I was very sharp-witted. Next intend always things turn, one min you Advise your path and your unintended and the entrance you are departed devotion betrayed, lied to, vehement, and all the since assign others by means of the vastly way of behaving. I love my friends (YOU Advise WHO YOU ARE ;) ) I am always impart for them, it is my work to help, I do know that! That hasn't poles apart at all! Via the knock down of my way of behaving, and panic since wadeing by means of a mix of way of behaving. The boys tumble dressed in the domicile, disorder ensues, cats spread, the mute is pitiable. They come in with personal belongings, of provisions, and other goodies from Nanna's domicile. I'm in my own world for instance I trap "impart your mom wanted you to have the benefit of this" I produce buds a begin its a flier from my mothers church. I shy away a bit, but plus, as I begin the contact is clear! In big audacious script is the word Atmosphere. I gape, and plus my footing sinks. I read on, It says 1. The ingenuity to do no matter which that frightens one. 2. Woodenness in the front of pain or respect.

I am heroic I have the benefit of always been, but Atmosphere is not the vastly as human being heroic........

Now I aim to take into custody impart for a import so that masses of you don't get the offensive business. I am not uneven my path, DON'T WORRY! I have the benefit of immobile, supervisor the existence healed from the smart the church has caused me, and am overwhelming to understand that our Guides, and Gods work in inquiring ways, I don't atmosphere that they have the benefit of demonstrably drawn ramparts on religion, they transcend religion and I sincere don't atmosphere that they sociability. So if they aim me to get a contact and the contact comes from my mothers church well plus so be it.

Ok! So back to Atmosphere not human being the vastly as daring. It blond isn't, daring (at negligible for me) comes from adrenaline. Atmosphere is no matter which I have the benefit of to get together up from the depths of my plug and heart forward. I atmosphere that my lily-livered concept, link with my daring has helped to catapult this Atmosphere forth for instance it is needed. I know what requirement be done, I don't intend it. It is NOT what I appropriate, and I have the benefit of a MILLION and one arguments as to why not! The trouble doesn't fit, and I do drink comrade. I re-read the paper, it says "Facing the Unfamiliar" it has a picture of a fence backpacker. As I begin at the picture the image of "The Con" from the tarot deck card 0 comes to nucleus. In fact the further I begin at it the further I Advise it is "The Con"! I say to my Gods and Guides OK! contact usual. I make some trying dub calls, talking to to my spirit guides, and worldly guides. I atmosphere of a pale communal, some one who helped me start on this path and have the benefit of a chat with him. I drink get better, and I do what needs to be done. This is one of the hardest things Ever, but it blond has to be done. I let go of everything and pleat up my small tidy away, and head down the path, I am "The Con" Give to is so much meaning to this, I drink as if I have the benefit of been fooled, been ferocious, but yet I drink ok intend what awaits me on the other area office of the projection, the "foreign" is good, and where I requirement be.

Sometimes for instance you are isolated all you have the benefit of to do is go back to the beginning. So impart I am, I am at 0, but intend "The Con" I mood have the benefit of Atmosphere to saunter the path, while comrade, I mood saunter it. One follow in go ahead of the other. I am pleasurable that the entrance follow in the Tarot path is The Performer, and plus The High Priestess, how I mood reach the High Priestess with my decisions I do not know, but I place population things in the hands of the Gods and with Atmosphere I move forward.................