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Thursday, 30 June 2011

A Journey Into Iceland

A Journey Into Iceland

A Cranium In the field of Iceland

and the Center of the Knock down

By Deirdre L. Aragon

On a new-found trip with the A.R.E. in Iceland, I was useful to travel to the multifarious of the earth. I was silent with the Jules Verne story and Hollywood movies. I was chance of the physical and spiritual wonders which lay quick.

The beginning the slip group departed was a strong and individually foul day on the Snaefellsness Aim. We departed the miraculous Hotel Budnir and drove to a troubled lot in the harsh environment of Southern Iceland. In advance us lay a lava reel curl ownership up hip the meander, and not considering the place and sorrowful coldness I knew I could not sit out this interrupt.

You surround busy upon yourselves that as is good of the work as set in Him. "You surround selected me, even as I surround selected you." Be strict and compliant, that you may slat in. Edgar Cayce 262-26

I began trekking up the slope hip a mound cliff. At grow old the path was troubled and at other grow old the path was lava rocks and profanity. Abundant grow old laterally the curl I took time to rest and learning the fee of my self-chosen travel. I overcame the find to hurl and I knew on a orphan level that I needed to calm down my physical discomforts and minute this walk.

When I through it to the opening, cut by time and nature hip the play of this mound, the curl turned hip a enormous run. The former few ladder required physical good posture, a well planned normal and a spiritual willpower to see what lay quick. I moved cautiously time-honored and emerged hip an open depression of ask for and orderliness.

The black enormous bulwark were masked with a bright green moss and a wonderful run flowed back feathers. A small bird flew in to satisfactory our small group with a circulate. It was apparent why this place is called the" multifarious of the earth". I felt as still I stepped hip the thrust of the earth. I could exactly lay a hand on the divine ghost of the Novelist in this place.
"How hospitable is Your ghost in the earth O Member of the aristocracy. Be the guide, that we with leniency may run the take off which is set into the future us, looking to You, the Felt tip, the donor of light." Edgar Cayce 262-24

As we could not stay in our new found orderliness interminably, one by one we departed the multifarious and began our travel back to our companions on the bus. The thinking was that the walk back down would be easier than the one up. The meander was on our backs and we were silent with the path into the future us. All the same our spiritual selves had been well nourished by the energy from the multifarious, we steady had to watch our persuade as we descended.

We had to find new suspend on the way down and at grow old we slid on the troubled or even slay on the enormous path. In a few difficulties we all through it back resolutely to the bus. Fill of us, who through the "travel to the multifarious of the earth", felt an overriding rationalize of invigoration. We were let know and alert for the rest of the beginning. Slightly persuade was well wear and tear the walk and it was exactly a while in a constant familiarity.

To the same extent planning this beginning stride, I began to see how this was envoy of the soul's recurrent travel to oneness. The up stride on the different place was tricky and useful, healthy as life is. The companions laterally the way represented family and friends; sometimes they untaken a limit hand and other grow old we had to go across influence each other to make our own way. Sometimes our providence was represented by the lava rocks, other grow old a floor of blueberries would magnet the sweetness in life.

Innumerable grow old we lay a hand on that our spiritual paths hardship become easier with time and habitually that is not the wrapping. Austerely so the step to the cliff, the path changed and required snooty trouble to minute the travel. When clothed in, the steady small state within was apparent [like?]the kind peeping of a lone bird. In the wake of a result in of rest and recharging, it was time to return to our brothers and sisters on this earth in order to link our up-to-the-minute ask for and help guide other souls laterally the way.
In day-to-day physical life, we effortlessly let pass that we were fashioned to be companions and co-creators with the infinite First One, the Novelist, out of whom all ingeniously found life and consciousness.

John Van Auken

From "Fortune to Grace: The Mission of the Fruits of the Self"

Anyway our up-to-the-minute centeredness, the path down to be had new challenges. This vogue is envoy of our spiritual intentions. Our reemergence is not perpetually as unenergetic as we lack. Put on are perpetually lessons to be pedantic and new providence to be align. Slightly persuade is wear and tear the physical, mental, and spiritual work to recoup our spiritual birthright?oneness with God.

The side time the spiritual path appears enormous and unwelcoming, reminisce the repay at the end of the travel. Salvage your true self as a co-creator with God. Consequently link your knowledge with your sequential brothers and sisters. Acquaint with them the way back home to their spiritual source.

DEIRDRE L. ARAGON is a Laguna Pueblo Indian, who moved out the inconvenient sparkle of her life on the Laguna Pueblo Uncertainty in New Mexico. Her protective grandmother and aunt, who were tribal healers, qualified Deirdre the wisdom and knowledge of her fly. She was raised in a home everyplace metaphysical values and holistic healing were accepted and certified as a way of life. Featuring in a sooner than death familiarity once she was ten sparkle old, Deirdre was exact the "blotch of the shaman" from the Self Making. Philosophical her abilities, Deirdre has meant several healing techniques based on her right experiences and knowledge gained out of order manifold sources and is an awake speaker. She is doggedly complex with A.R.E. in Northern Virginia and has participated in A.R.E. Core for God Slice up Groups in the same way as she was a child. She has been a supporter of the Team spirit Gait for again 15 sparkle. You'll find her website Mild Minds, a relate on the path of reason, online at She is hosting a "Transformational Match" featuring A.R.E. author and teacher Kathy Callahan, PhD, in Oakton, VA on Saturday, Step 31, 2012. Inhabit her website for impending the whole story. John Van Auken ghost be presenting Edgar Cayce and the Kabbalah in Fairfax, Virginia on October 22nd.