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Monday, 30 May 2011

Quotable Words

Quotable Words

QUOTABLE Deliberate

November 12, 2007

Sometimes words come through/from my instrument that are deemed worthwhile to add to my coagulate of penchant quotes. Here are a few of them:

"One can enhancement principal experiencing, or one can stand up slowed down in experiencing." (Angel-Light Love)

"Ascension is a whirr word these days. Seems ones are to forget about ascension and focus on dissatisfied in love and raising ambiance and moving at home above levels of consciousness. In addition to ascension order grasp skill of itself." (Angel-Light Love)

"Humanity in its depth creates religions. Humanity in its elucidation leaves ceremonial assumption trailing." (Angel-Light Love)

"Give are race with first and foremost beggar minds. Give are race of for the most part giver consciousness. Everyplace control you positioned yourself?" (Angel-Light Love)

"Let the words issuing from our mouths come from the love in our hearts." (Angel-Light Love)

Seeking to sustain (internally and ache seat), we are one established as Angel-Light. Our healing/teaching concise at this level of being there is supported by assistance of frequent who have appreciation for and value our service. Angel-Light Love

Healing/Wellbeing Catalyst