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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Herb For Astral

Herb For Astral Image
witches herbs for astral projection and or dreaming is called mugwort and a herb with a good reputation for working for most people, though some people get mixed results.

a good thing with the mugwort dreaming herb aid is that it is relatively cheap to buy and can be picked up quite easily on the internet.

all you basically do with the mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) also known as common wormwood, is make a tea or drink out of it.

you basically put a few spoons of mugwort in a cup then add boiled water and allow to stand and stir for a while until it has mixed with the water to create a drink tasting of the mugwort, drink the liquid not the herb itself, close to bedtime.

you can also find mugwort growing in most areas, like the side of roads and on waste ground etc.

this astral projection dream drink can create more vivid dreams and possible chanced of astral projection.

mugwort is a classic herb of witchcraft one that witches also use for other rituals as well, but a effective use of mugwort is in a dream tea for astral projection.


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