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Sunday, 15 May 2011


As "Curses" opens, you're hunting about in the attic of your kinfolk home, looking for a damaged old map of Paris (you're goodbye on holiday tomorrow) and approximately infuriating to running off all the wadding. Aunt Jemima is potting daisies and sulking; the attics are full of constant distractions and secrets; Greek myths, horoscopes, sixth-century politics, a less than simple advisory demon, a mysterious fall short crib, camera work, ritual, poetry and a dream or two all get in your way; and somehow you preserve human being reminded of your kinfolk in the course of the ages, and all its Curses...

...may well it be that even you are Cursed?

Curses, Unhook 16

Unhook 16 fixes a few trivial bugs and one fundamental one (which ended the gothic key unremarkable). Symbols within it is new.

"Curses", for inhabit who ghoul previously email me to ask, is a game held to run on any Infocom-standard performer. The game is a EP put,


at the FTP site (This put want be downloaded in "not
the non-attendance (marks
) mode.) Stagnant, to arrive on the scene it you do coerce an performer.
Common (very transportable) ANSI C cause for these can be found in
if-archive/infocom/interpreters, as can executables for some machines. It is not unyielding to get an performer goodbye, and afterward you foothold you can else arrive on the scene the story annals from the "Aimless Materials of Infocom" games, so it isn't a wide-ranging squander of time even if you aversion "Curses".

If you can get it for your fixation, the best performer is one called
"Zip", by Mark Howell. The subsequently best is that of the "InfoTaskForce", or

"Curses" is not shareware, it's free: I wrote it for fun. It may be liberally prolix provided you aren't making a price on the deal; I foothold allowed several magazines to put it on include discs, so undergo free to get in play a part if you foothold that in survey. But it "copyright, and the cause code is "declare. What's more, the secret debugging directives may solo be divulged to a druid of good standing.

Graham Nelson
Oxford Academy, UK
24 October 1995