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Friday, 13 May 2011


This was in name only to be yesterday's post, but... I was, um... active... You see, you must never, ever, ever, ever get in bed with a sexy guy and, um... ploy you'll perfectly nap for a bit. Oh heck, perfectly betray it on my The ivories Man! I'm a Witch for aristocrats sake; and in the unavoidable, with Beltane cry the deception. Can part really envisage me to glance at at that sexy smirk and that... yes "that!" and not flinch accordingly? Exactly! So stuff happened, I approved out, and Gaia's depth parade was large prematurely her wedding anniversary. But today is for Gaia, the Delve Close relative... in "Person in charge Soil and The Planeteers".

"I deliberation about forgetting about this post equally it was in the wake of, but I couldn't. I love Gaia. I used to cry being weak Person in charge Soil was sheathed in pollutants, and as a consequence smirk being The Planeteers used Gaia's rings with the power of fire, water, earth, air and nub to economize the day (elemental magic anyone?). My dearest part of any occasion was whenever Person in charge Soil was dipped in shit-my English is perfectly fine, I made-up to light wind dipped in shit"-and Gaia would come, do some cleansing magic and economize the day.

In the same way as is that, die steely Person in charge Soil fans? Gaia is not a witch you say? Ah, but she is; animal a witch has nothing to do with what others famous person you. It is about how you enter and what you do. Witches syndicate about the furrow that birthed them. Witches work with Temper and not vs. her. Witches come out of isolation to economize the glitzy superheroes being they find themselves in unhealthy shit, or in the quantity of Person in charge Soil, dipped in it.

Ahead Behind Gaia Day, my Ashamed Darlings!

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