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Sunday, 27 February 2011

What Is The Occult

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Seeing as this is like a introduction post to THE OCCULT BLOGGER I thought i should quickly go over what is the Occult? The word Occult has an old meanings, IT COMES FROM THE OLD LATIN WORD "OCCULTUS" WHICH MEANS THE STUDY OF THE HIDDEN, SECRET, PARANORMAL.. THE WORD "OCCULTUS ALSO BEEN "REFERRED TO LIKE A SCIENCE (OR CLASS IN SCHOOL).."


The term Occult has on occasions been referred to a religious or magical organisations or orders, basically wherever unexplained aspects of life are delved in to the word Occult has been used. While on occasions some of these organisations have on occasions been linked to sacrifices and rituals that many would judge as wrong, many are not like this and also to study the Occult you do not have to be part of a Cult..


An Occultist is a single person who studies the arts or the unknown, sometimes referred to as a witch or sorcerer. These people are focused on trying to understand further what is hidden. TODAY THE OCCULTIST COULD BE REFERRED TO SEARCHING FOR GOD, OR ENLIGHTENMENT OR TRUTH Whatever it is it is all the same element, the Occult is the understanding of what we cannot see


The Occult can be broken into many areas where this blog will delve -- "meditation, religion, levels of consciousness, astral projection, lucid dreaming, rituals, ghosts, paranormal, aliens, spiritual, "amazing creatures, mediums, understanding death and many more Basically wherever there needs discussion related to the unknown or hidden, THE OCCULT BLOGGER will try to be there


Books in PDF format to read:

Troth Aor - Odinism What Is It The Odinic Rite
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - In The Vault
Lil Bow Wow - What Is A Warlock

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