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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Old Michaelmas Day Customs

Old Michaelmas Day Customs Cover
There is evidence that Michaelmas was once celebrated later in the year, on the 10th or 11th of October, this is now referred to as 'Old Michaelmas Day'. There may also have been a time when both dates for Michaelmas were acknowledged.

I like the legend of teenage girls collecting crab apples at the beginning of September, and arranging them in the initials of boys they fancied. If they could still discern the initials on Old Michaelmas Day, then then true love and romance would follow. The legend conjures two unrelated thoughts in my mind, firstly, would other girls mischievously re-arrange the apples to form the initials of a different boy. Secondly, what is the modern equivalent of this courtship ritual?

It's interesting that certain customs transfer from one season to another. For example, two people snapping the the Michaelmas goose's wishbone and thinking of a secret desire. Also, the concept of a Michaelmas Pie with ring, according to this legend, the lucky recipient will be engaged by Christmas and marry by Easter. Variations on these themes occur at Christmas and possibly at Thanksgiving.


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