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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Forgive Me If You Disagree On An Occult Topic

Forgive Me If You Disagree On An Occult Topic Image
The Occult is a very complex topic. So many people have different opinions and views. That's one of the main reasons I started this blog was to create an online discussion on Occult or Paranormal views.

Some of the views I represent in post topics is very radical compared to what most other people's thoughts on these topics are and so is always open to debate.


What I ask of some people is instead of getting upset and leaving my blog, consider sharing your opinion in a comment on a post if you disagree. Also I do not mind being corrected if you feel I have gotten something wrong.. I know sometimes it is easy to leave if you do not agree.

"Please forgive me if you disagree with an Occult or Paranormal post topic I write about, I respect your opinion and so feel free to comment on it your opinion - Timon Weller.."

The post in question of debate was my post I did on personality disorder. The theory of spirit possession is my opinion so if you disagree then feel free to comment. I would rather that, than some people disregarding my site. I set up this blog mainly because of this, for discussions, for the readers. I understand I will always have backlash, the Occult is a topic that asks for this, but I would prefer the backlash opinion to be discussed with others in comments. In that way I can be corrected if most believe I am wrong in my post view. And in that way readers can either agree with your opinion or readers can agree with mine.. (Let the readers decide then..)

Anyways I just wanted to share that note on discussion.. I hope you all are enjoying the blog so far.. "Thank You for visiting.."

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