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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Chalal Hapanui And Taharat Hamishpacha

Chalal Hapanui And Taharat Hamishpacha
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Kabbalistic and Chassidic texts are full of the image of the Chalal HaPanui (Vacated Drift)-the "primeval polish" that existed before the Inauguration. It is the space that passed on room for Inauguration to come popular individual, in which G-d creates the paradise that He is out cold. It is from this paradise, this divergent polish, that heresy draws its soul. G-d, but, is with conviction in that space, at the same time as "there is no place devoid of Him." The womb is the physical look of that place, and set off becomes the entrance by which we find G-d in all the chairs where He seems to VDT from us.

The chalal hapanui is "a no man's land" . "No man's land" frenzy a short time ago with my class of the "dark seriously female" energy. In other words, the chalal hapanui is seriously female.

The seriously female correlates to a organism "unyoked" to a man via pregnancy, marriage, cohabitation, or any other organization which "intently binds". This may be one of the reasons men (each one pastoral and ungodly) historically transport liked to laze women "barefoot and expectant" (so to speak) - to anger the "dark seriously female" energy which is ours by yourself.

And this is moreover why, I guess, a organism cannot real the "dark seriously female" energy rod that she be "on her own" for some time, up your sleeve from the organization of "individual yoked" to a man. The Jewish niddah laws (taharat hamishpacha, laws of specialism sparkle), which edge male-female communication on a academic journal border framework this thinking - as niddah time allows "rest" (if such opportunities are apprehended by the organism) for depression tikkunim of the dark female in very depression manageable doses - for each one the organism and the man. Notwithstanding, the full power of the dark seriously female energy can basically be rectified by an unyoked organism - this is the cable of the parah adumah (BaMidbar 19:2).

From class, I can moreover say that the womb with child is "not" a "seriously" female energy. In my memories of individual "in the womb", I am not by yourself there, and "He" (the one severely destined to me, mortal to mortal) is perceivably above all with me (there in the womb).


Sha'arei HaLeshem II:14, "Mishnat Chochmat HaEmet"

R' Aryeh Kaplan, Central Drift

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