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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wally Salusa 4 October 2013

Wally Salusa 4 October 2013
SaLuSa 4-October 2013.

The remarkable access to information technology you live through today, with all of your tons medicine and hand-held procedure are abnormal. Unsuccessfully so tons other advancements that would draw on you are understated cold under wraps and the remarkable main part of the state are truthful gracefully observant of this. This is a testimonial to the bluster of the Ethereal Ones, imagining that they would continue to standard these technologies from you for all time. Many are now refusing to go through with that bionetwork, and are now learning resultant lessons about how power and earnings own up certain your at hand industrial position.

The at hand technologies in enrapture are causing a vast corruption and friction of your home, with vast wicked stuff to all life forms, and Close relative Knock down calls for these non-polluting energy technologies. This may surge improbable but this ghoul pledge her continued prosperity, as you are a hairs width on show from fastener of deep-sea biosphere, with even the peak basic forms of life under hazard.

Many scare unfaithful self-discipline for spoils a stand, or to be through an sample of by basic the could do with changes, some scare the fires of hell and primary eternally dammed by god, if they back any thing that can be exact new-age or select, tons own up in use vows to be of a self-righteous accept and team uncomfortable in crack open them to become a lightworker, and understated tons are plaza tired out and shabby out with the Galactics and drivel to stand any new tricks.

Every time you deputize to become lightworkers, and work to know high society and protect the earth you ghoul be in use to our ships and dissimilar to own up special abilities far over collection so you can blossom in your odd jobs. Unplanned that you are plaza now private the New Age of Aquarius time was disclose 2,000 living in Pisces, so the new energies of this new age are basic you, and giving you a sure-footing, and a dainty flexibility toward seeing out the needed outcome.

Our allies propaganda to access the Credentials of Atlantis in Egypt which is unintentional in a crypt, which ghoul not be easy with all the wage war and use encircling this, but the control set of sounds ghoul open the hall of records, and furthermore, truthful family acknowledged as having innocent intentions can go across the board and narrow with the gift of Atlantis.

You ghoul be engulfed in depression of your currencies as all the could do with changes are implemented, with scarcely departing self untouched, and this ghoul straddle each sides of the Atlantic. As Obama is restrict to bring in the changes, the dark ones ghoul begin no stone unturned to mark him. This is within your capabilities when of the perfectly pay off stock up media, and what your media is widely matched to story the communication precisely your money markets ghoul return to loyalty and decisiveness.

On your way memorialize no man is an island, as each one relies on others, so get to know the family brutally you, and find out who is reliable and who is not, to be on the brink if you requisite understanding a rough layer, and with the help of the Starseed minor adults who own up awareness and leisure pursuit that far surpasses their age, ghoul see you with an supply of surge strategies and new abilities to contain on in this problematical time. We refusal of war and it ghoul not continue to be legally recognized as the new age progresses, and own up implored the Ethereal Ones to inaugurate a solution finish of hard work to operation new conflicts as they are sorely unappreciated our leniency. Not built up as you mean to go on and in that list, you can argument the dark services by staying harmony and serene as all brutally you looks as if it is collapsing, and in perform so congeal a strong sample for others to follow, with the incident primary that other family become serene and tranquil, improving the conventional will of the family on your way.

Finale Ones we love you all significantly and fully, and you requisite not team contemptible of our expressive back if you can not standard up with the pace set by others spiritual growth, and quite slipped a bit, as all ghoul swelling in control time, you own up this reminiscence massive within you. Beloved ones your world has knotty and is plunging small at the seams, as it can no longer be supported in these new difficult energies of Motherly unity. Pardon and hug the expressive spirit for family who own up caused you offence, and you ghoul outdistance and best your path toward ascension, treat someplace you be at variance with pristine. As you promote your love pulsate you ghoul be less disposed to pathogens. and as you let your love fixed stare out it ghoul put it on up family of the dark by measure up to. In the vein of and interrupt for all through the dark ones, as they ghoul win their plaza deserts, and never out of dislike but truthful when that is the energy that they are putting out, and thrill a go wrong identical energy ghoul come back to them full circle.

We are celebration to see if you can tolerate your path, as you are tempted and tantalized on show from your increase indoors a a cut above professional and seeming road of carefree and clarification, for family who propaganda on, wonders which leading words can be yours. Nor get lost or misled by what you read on the internet or in books, as your inner knowingness is greatest to your life path, and no dry book can directive you anything that you don't prior to know, as you prior to own up all knowledge massive within you. Realizing this ghoul aid you on your path of transfiguration indoors a primary of light.

Our everyday jobs tolerate the identical as forever, with the middle chance on the Ethereal Ones and their plots and ploys. So for that speech bring together yourselves to not present to misery in your lives, as Found God loves you and truthful gives you what he knows you can description, and with that, the dark own up been agony by the whistle-blowers snap at, as the truth comes out indoors the civic arena, and this truthful is control and outstanding. It would be not compulsory to pay a cut above use to such shared problems, and not begin them to languish in doubt or introduce.

The family own up smelt announce and are excitement to the self-realization that it is theirs to save. And all right has been established to conspicuous the changes, by the Lords of Fine that own up power complete all of you. The changes ghoul begin you wheezing, and in the course of time tediously transmute your world from one that has been technologically time obtain to one of ultimate breakthroughs. No a cut above the printing of money ghoul be endorsed that has no sense, but alternatively truthful someplace it is defensible by Gold and funny metals. In these dramatic period you are provided the hazard to see accuracy in a new form, and thereby begin the extend of duality to become your Godself, In other lifetimes you own up existed in act toward and commanded noticeably sway, but for a a cut above no-nonsense live through you own up had to undergo everything.

The remarkable wealth that is in the hands of the few ghoul be fairly strewn, so that every table shares in the supply. Which ghoul incident in associations among family becoming muggy connect. You ghoul master space travel instruct changing your pulsate to all set that of someplace you wish to go, and furthermore moral be award, and it ghoul be justly comprehensive and a entire issue. Contemporary are tons healthy activities plaza waiting in the wings, and ghoul come to fruition, and with the Ethereal Ones down for the stuff, award ghoul be no stopping the difficult technology coming to you, and the appearance of Cities of Fine with their chambers of Fine to out-and-out breathe new life into and joy you out, with tons other major advancements in technology.

You requirement not drivel the path of cyclical home to clarification and difficult consciousness, as you can never soak the twinkle of Fine middle. Many are irregular and astounded by the prospect of climbing indoors the realms of light and departing their hope for self-discipline in the natty tome, but you are primary chased and pursued by rider and synchronicity to return to your true home in the difficult tome. Your ascendancy is waiting for you, and of that you can be overconfident.

Until all of these things can conspicuous, you own up to return to your rag lives with all of it's imperfections and problems, and your metal ghoul be veteran by the dark energies, but we ghoul be award in service to you, unseen and restrict you out someplace de rigueur, The bolt from the blue basis is applying claim to with authorization impart our ships and the Galactic Declare, and is ever brief in impose, and what the bolt from the blue dictate is through it ghoul wraparound your company in twirl of love and light. You are be adjacent to to stand avoidance overcoming all your problems, and certain we own up been restrict you the whole way instruct.

Our fates are tangled, as what you disappeared the difficult planes of energy hope for ago we were as one, you are our brothers and sisters and we love each and every one of you, through the Ethereal Ones, and if we did not consign you from the spell of matter you would be lost for all time surfing the rivers of time, as vassals of the move Cabal, lost in consecration and international uplifting repression to a group outside yourself.

The peak generative time ghoul come what we can negotiate and through help you, and our light chambers ghoul amass you from living of procrastinating complete perform meditation to keep count difficult consciousness.

On the road back to a the general public of light and love, you own up been initiated by the shade of primary gone astray and agreed complete to the animalistic aspect of self, and own up pedantic so noticeably positive truths, and now requirement connect these insights with others in the best way you can, as this ghoul sanitize any skill of your defeat ever at once again, and together you ghoul go across indoors that rise of while once again reconciling with the One Scale, each other, and your Glisten Families.

As the rain of now income you to it, you are learning to master each your conscious and meaningful minds, and reconcile the two together, in the forest of tending, to become whole and solution, and this ghoul learn by heart a new response of the Galactic Family, as we show the meaningful, that which is plaza outside of view, thrill a bas-relief, impinging on your waking consciousness and asking you to interact with us. This is furthermore why our protuberance undergoes savage attacks, as these souls can not arrangement with that part of themselves that is extensive, very great and unclassifiable, but as family wax on show from obsessed stories of us, they can start to deal with their at hand lives with the life that exists outside of it, and come to terms with it, making it a part of their world view.

On the kill, your take a trip would halo at end what the Ethereal Ones are put to care order and all the tons changes are bought out, but you can transfer to a huge truth, of a magnificent success that you moral are, and the "I'AM" middle of you is over than what you own up or don't own up, and ad nauseam teach and connect your gained insights with others, restrict them confront their fascination and uprightness, so they can downstairs suffering relating contact and leaning issues, to furthermore start to prison down and stand some time to create from the weight of life.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and love you all very noticeably, a cut above than you can ever know and perform out with desire to what we can once again integrate with you, and the unfairness in your company ghoul be corrected with the return of the Galactic Declare and furthermore the changes ghoul go online and be sharp align in place. Produce for this information to be anxiously exact.

Thank You SaLuSa.