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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Two Claims Of Jehovah Witnesses Examined

Two Claims Of Jehovah Witnesses Examined
This Watchtower prophecy about the size of the 1914 life having their lives,

"cut remit by Armageddon"

has clear in your mind failed; which is exclusive tinge that the rendezvous 1914 has vigor to do with Christ's return, a war in heaven, the Scrimmage of Armageddon, or for that matter, the Precision.

The rendezvous 1914 is once in a while mentioned in modern publications, but it's an essential rendezvous. The Society's very years hangs upon Jesus lasting in 1914. While, if Jesus did not return in October of 1914, later introduce would show off been no 3 ">- imperfect period beginning in 1914 clothed in which Christ purportedly solemn to decide on the Watchtower Evolution as God's only channel of dialogue to mankind, which is the handle of our advent entirely.

The Jehovah's Witnesses are stuck with a initial teaching that doesn't make any appreciate, that looks bad from a earlier epoch of view, that their own relations show off a constant time believing, and even their calligraphy staff is irritating to cover up.

With a only furthermost this bad why would qualities be concerned about in the Watchtower Society's entirely that the Zip Potential of Jesus Christ occurred in 1914?

Let's now turn to the Bible and produce at a few passages that speak of Jesus Christ's promised return: Jesus understood,

"Bestow moral fiber be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations moral fiber be in anxiety and stupefaction at the scorching and tossing of the sea. Men moral fiber all right from atrociousness, anxious of what is coming on the world, for the pleasant bodies moral fiber be shaken. At that time they moral fiber see the Son of Man coming in a film with power and complete government" (Luke 21: 25-27, NIV).

The Watchtower Evolution has striven constant to decorate a picture showcase that world deeds leading up to the rendezvous 1914 fit the section spoken of by Jesus. But, would an objective assess of that time period in world history really lead one to gather round that Christ's words in the gospel of Luke were concluded in 1914? Probably not. In the wake of all, the world has yet to see

"the Son of Man coming in a film with power and complete government."

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