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Friday, 16 April 2010

The Natural Witch

The Natural Witch Cover I was inspired by Mel's essay enough to write one of my own. Mel calls her craft Earth Magik. Which she has recently discovered that a lot of what she is Practicing is the same as the Green witch practices.

My experience is based on the fact that I am a natural witch. I practice green witchcraft, and have since I discovered the craft. I call myself a natural witch because I try to keep things as natural as possible. Some may find that with me this is almost a contradiction. I am a beautician, my hair is colored, my nails are acrylic. Although I'm modern, I'm still natural. I work a lot in the woods.

My essay is about some Experiences I have had in the forest across from where I live. I do a lot of my practice there, at a clearing I came across a little more than a year ago. My alter there is a jagged tree stump that apparently was struck by lightning or taken by fire.

I have performed many wonderful rites and spells there. One in particular that I will never forget, happened not too long ago. It was dusk and I walked over to my "hideaway" to perform a protection spell on a friend who was having a complicated pregnancy. As I began to meditate, I felt a warmth come over my body. I hadn't even started the spell, but I opened my eyes to see that I was surrounded by a pale green light, almost indetectable and the color of mossy water (is that a bad comparison?). It was warm, it was was safe. I closed my eyes and visualized breathing in the light. I then visualized breathing this light into the bubble around my friend. When I was finished, I closed the circle and grounded the energies. Only days later, my friend called me and told me that she'd be feeling better than she had in days.

It may sound crazy, but I believe that the power and the love inside me made it possible. I was guided by the divine and was able to make it a little easier on my friend by removing the negetive energy around her. It was such a wonderful feeling.

Lately, I have heard a lot of people around here asking about ways to "make" thier own tools. A natural witch uses nothing but home-made tools (well, the witch who has financial problems anyway). I like to use moss and leaves, and different things I find in the forest to aid me in my spells and rites.

I am thankful that I have found this place...I wish that everyone could join me in my little part of the woods. The God/dess led me here, and I have made wonderful friends, and that's the best experience of my life.

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