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Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Realm Of Infinite Possibility

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It all started while laying in my bed. I was completely relaxed, and the vibrations started to wash over my entire body. I got excited because I new that meant I could possibly slip out soon. The familiar sounds of waves crashing surrounded my body and then it all subsided, and I could feel my spirit slowly rising out of my skin. Then I was floating and I thought this is cool. I started lifting up towards the ceiling of my bedroom taking it all in the blue walls. My body laying beneath me motionless, and then I felt a little fearful. I could feel another presence in the room with me, but I could not see it. I floated the rest of the way up to the ceiling and instead of going through it like I thought I would, I bumped into it and came back down several feet, and then started rising again. This happend several times, up down, up down. I thought it would go on forever. It was then that I felt the other entity in the room put its arms around me, and at that moment all the fears I had completely disappeared. I felt the most loving caring feeling from this presence that I have ever felt in my life.

I was totally blown away by the power of love emmanating from this being, and I just relaxed and let it wash over me. Then the being released me, and I was a little heartbroken that it couldn`t go on forever. I tried to move back toward the being to no avail. I slowly headed back into my body, felt my spirit realign with my body and opened my eyes with a huge smile on my face. I had just enjoyed a love most would never know, and I was glad for the experience. As I layed there thinking about it, I decided the being must have been a spirit guide or protector, and it made me realize that we aren`t alone when we travel. Beings that love us unconditionally are there to help, and that really made me feel good and set me at ease Awake And Aware by Rene Well not awake in the literal sense of the word, only in the spiritual. I was asleep in my bed, and I started to feel my body float upwards. Suddenly I noticed the surroundings changing, the air changing, I floated up and above the house into the sky. It was a night time. I remember the stars were absolutely beautiful. They were brilliant. I had never been this close to the stars before. But where was I? Then I realized I was not alone. Someone was with me, holding me as I floated up into the universe. I was not afraid, but felt quite comfortable with this being that was next to me. The next thing I know I am standing on a planet. I don't know which one it was, and an Angel was right beside me. This Angel was quite tall, and I remember seeing a golden glow of light surrounding this Angel. This Angel then points even higher up in the vast universal sky to another planet. This planet was just a dot. But it was glowing Then the Angel moved it's arm and pointed to another spot in the sky. I turned my head to look in the direction where the Angel was pointing, and suddenly an image of a tree appeared.

This tree was not solid. It was as if the Angel was drawing it for me, and at the end of each branch a small oval shaped images of faces appeared. Then I became excited because I believed this tree to be "The Tree of Life"! It was as if I knew every face that appeared on the branches of this tree. Somehow they were all connected to me! It was wonderful. I could then sense the Angels joy at me and my understanding of the image. And then the Angel spoke to me in my mind and I knew it was a time to go. Just then I saw an image of my husband in the kitchen making coffee, I was back in the kitchen in an instant, It was as if I was standing behind him watching him through the lense of a telescope, and even though I knew I was back, I was still not yet in the dimension that he was in. The last thought I had, and it came to me in an Angelic flash, was: "Why is he making coffee? He is not awake yet"! I woke up. what a flight! Isn`t it exciting? More stories coming soon Now you already know that the ra virtual one, but what added to it was the sensations of wind that they added underneath the seats (at this point I'm unsure whether that was the ride or not but I digress) it made the ride feel very realistic, and you can imagine at this point I was very surprised because I had never felt this before. Going through a rain forest like this was very exciting and I had never known such amazing things existed in the world until then so I was in complete awe of the ride. At this time I realized that the ride alongside the room temperature of the area was becoming quite cold and sadly I was wearing very high shorts as a kid. So I began rubbing every part of my body that was feeling cold wanting to get warmer. Then as the ride continued a bit more I started to finally get very warm, from there things started to get very strange.Now once I felt quite warm I started to get up out of my seat, but as I was getting up a strange force pushed me back down or I should say my entire body went stiff and I couldn't move.

I panicked at first thinking to myself: What's happening to me I can't move!? Then all of a sudden I felt this extreme feeling of calm rush over me and it felt like that warm feeling amplified plus a peaceful feeling welling up inside my entire body. Next thing I knew I closed my eyes, relaxed and I rose out of my body into the air. Now my next thoughts were purely on the fact that I was 8 years old and hadn't any knowledge about life let lone death, but my exact thoughts were, "Woah, I'm out of my body. I must have died and turned into a ghost, AWESOME!" Again I was a child so bear with me. Any way from there I flew around the theater watched a little bit of the movie and even tried screaming to get attention but nobody heard me, not even my parents. I ignored this and wondered if it was possible to be half in my body and half out or in other words half astral projecting. It turns out I was right! I managed to do that for a good few moments before going full astral again. At this point however I started to wonder when I would be carried off by the angels and taken to heaven, I mean I was a good kid so I imagined I'd go to heaven. The next thing I knew I saw a beautiful woman in a white gown reaching down for me from above where I was floating and so I began reaching for her however, at that moment I started to think to myself, "I don't want to die yet I still want to do more in life, I'm only 8 darn it!" So then fear started welling up inside me and before I knew it I was back in my body. Then as I sat there pondering the events of what happened I started to think to myself, "what if I never see that lady again?" I don't know why but my mind just started to go into hyper drive saying, "I need to see her again, I need to!" Now I know this sounds incredible but I could count no less than about 60 seconds or maybe 2 minutes before I managed to astral project again.

I saw the lady again reaching for me and this time I reached back and I was so desperate to get to her I was literally crying I wanted to reach her so bad. However, at that point the movie was starting to end and I realized it was too late. So with much grimace I said to the lady, "Sorry I have to go." Then I simply went back into my body, and that was the end of the experience.I tried to look up as I left the theater, but to my sadness I was left with nothing but a black ceiling. I spent the rest of the day thinking about what happened and wondered if I'd ever see that lady again. To some degree as I grew up I began to forget about that feeling of what happened and sadly I haven't had a fully conscious astral projection since then, but I've secretly devoted myself to astral projection so I'd get to see her again and also to experience that feeling again of peace and joy like I did that day. I'm currently 21 now, but even now I refuse to give up on seeing her again and on experiencing that feeling again brought about by my first astral projection experience.

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by Patrick Brack

I was wide awake during this projection.

This, contrasted to a much earlier journey, while dreaming as a boy I was flying over the Mississippi river, and I had a painful collision with the Alton bridge in North St. Louis county. I was born in 1940 in St. Louis, Mo. which was very segregated back then. This condition influenced my sense of personal identity rather profoundly; as I am of African-American descent. Just now, I recall an incident while playing as a boy I had cut some hair off one of my little sister's dolls, and I stuck it under my cap so it dangled over my forehead (I was pretending I was a "white" boy), and it felt good. I was seven, or eight. A strong sense of wonder about race seems to have always been with me. Later, in California (S.F.), and still later, even after fourteen years in New York City where New Age mentality flourished, I found myself still pre-occupied by race identity in spite of it. So many questions - so much to wonder about. Questions about love, money, justice, equality; so very much to wonder about until suddenly, something in me shifted.

I said, out loud to myself "Oh shit! I'm not black!"

Mid afternoon, on a summer day in New York, I shape shifted into a soaring eagle. Talk about feeling free! Eagle's could'nt give a hoot

about race. I soared. I saw blades of grass highlighted from the bright sun, far, far, below me. Realizations began to pour in: all those people hypnotizing themselves, thinking they were "actually" black, that they were "actually" white. I saw a beautiful woman whose presence told me that I was free to love and be loved by any woman. This, and what followed went even more deeply into my being. Being born again feels really good. A really tall, ethereal being stood behind me. I felt a hand on my left shoulder. It gave to me a particularly keen sense of a spiritual sanction. An affirmation. What's more: I had never heard anybody ever, say that they were'nt black, that they were'nt white, and I realized that I had something to share with the world. As an artist, I decided to neutralize black and white; and I have been drawing upon the sense of transparency given to me to the extent that my art work reflects it.

I have titled my vision; "The Other Side Of Black And White; the realm of infinite possibility"

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Arthur Edward Waite - The Real History Of The Rosicrucians Part Iii

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