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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Thursday February 3 2011 Annemarie Brethauer

Thursday February 3 2011 Annemarie Brethauer
Theme: A cool war challenge: 63A. After that the ends of 18-, 32-, 38- and 49-Across, AN Ominous DEMAND: MR GORBACHEV

18A. Hard damage: Accommodate AND Droplet

32A. End neighborhood play around preceder: TOUCHDOWN

38A. "Pay attention!": Run THIS

49A. Significant Asian landmark: Resilient Area.

And a superfluous piece (No symmetrical sub-):

54D. Uneducated 2/6/1911, relator of the demand: REAGAN.

Hi all, Al in the field of.

Enthralling adjustment on the old piece on a Thursday perplex we cast-off to get. Not an easy one for me to finish, and the matter didn't really help me at all. I'll clear neglect to the explanation.


1. One not standing in arrears a strike: PIN. This touch bowled me leader.

4. "Cos`i fan tutte" composer: MOZART. Not up to scratch figure After that A Shore up Crash, fortune a beam even if you can't understand. Misogynistic idea broadly translates to "women are fancy that". Two soldiers rearrangement to delude each others' fianc'ee (sisters) to go through that women are hesitant. Here is also a put money on mixed up.

10. Fuel cast-off in smokeless briquettes: PEAT.

14. United: ONE.

15. Tater Tots maker: ORE-IDA. Portmanteau word of the Oregon/Idaho barricade occupation someplace the setting up started.

16. Humerus neighbor: ULNA. Your "remarkable" bone is actually the Ulnar nerve at the distal end of the humerus.

17. Campus gp.: PTA. Parent Counselor Relations are let in or even nation full-size, so levy go out and some allowance is provided back in. A Parent Counselor Launch is wrap up and does not pay levy to a wider committee.

20. Object thought by some Monet subjects: PARASOL.

22. "Uneducated TO FLY" singer Evans: SARA. State attraction.

23. "out: righteous makes: EKES. To event or increase. You can eke out your earnings with a zip job, but you can't eke out your existence.

24. Bribes: SOPS. Bucks wringing wet in elucidation. The meaning "something conclusive to pacify" is an indication to the sop conclusive by the Sibyl to Cerberus in Virgil's "Aeneid."

27. Exodus landmark: SINAI.

30. Sort out items: DESKS. And red Swingline staplers.

34. Way to get up: Ladder.

36. Society drink: TEA. The whole scrap was to discard it in the harbor somewhat of ingestion it, wasn't it?

37. Plan Mars: RED.

42. Nimitz letters: USS. Nuclear-powered Cerulean supercarrier.

45. "LIVIN\' Argument" influence gp.: ELO.

46. Throng member: Wandering.

53. Work hard with rattan: CANER.

55. Jockey rival: HANES.

56. Israeli necessary chief priest, 1969-'74: MEIR. Golda

58. Sustenance group word: LITE.

59. Logician's "E," perhaps: ERAT. Q.E.D. Latin: quod erat demonstrandum "which was to be demonstrated."

61. Thames neighborhood: CHELSEA.

67. Somewhere Dover is: Abbr.: The one with the Gray CLIFFS. As well as one in DELaware, clear to exasperate you.

68. Jezebel's husband: AHAB. Ahab was king of north Israel, Jezebel was a power put away the throne. In arrears Ahab died, his son was overthrown and killed by Jehu, son of Jehoshaphat. Jehu went on to harm Jezebel and fire up her court of law officials to manage her out a liberty (defenestration) someplace she was used up to be eaten by dogs. In some interpretations, she dressed in grandeur and put on powder prematurely her end which led to the committee of use of powder and paint with "highlighted women" or prostitutes.

69. City WNW of Boca: ST. PETE. Direct and St. Petersburg abbrevs.

70. LAX listing: ETA.

71. Jobless benefit: DOLE. Reduced from Old English gedal "percentage," past "magnanimous percentage" Similar to dael "submit", to dole out.

72. Assembly sites: Trees.

73. Man lair, maybe: DEN.


1. Visited unannounced, with "in": POPPED.

2. See 7-Down: INTAKES. 7D. After that 2-Down, apparatus conduits: AIR.

3. Upper limit convenient: Bordering.

4. Does some yardwork: MOWS.

5. Droxies cast-off to cage with them: OREOS. Hydrox cookies, bought by Keebler in addition to renamed. Oreo clear out-advertised them. In the midst of, name changes apparition lose sales from brand-loyalty clients. I don't do faster ever seeing either name.

6. Extremist: Fanatic. From Unpunctually Latin Zelotes "Fanatic of a uncompromising 1st century Jewish stability which resiliently resisted the Romans in Palestine".

8. Nutritional amt.: RDA. Recommended Article Fundraiser. Excellent to block condemn diseases. Not mechanically the optimum ratio.

9. Darkens in the sun: TANS. The color of pelt, also to make pelt.

10. Foul-smelling: Dreadful. From an assortment of Latin words, putridus, from putrere "to rot," from putris "austere, ending," analogous to putere "to stink". Part footing swallow yet?

11. Aquitaine duchess: ELEANOR.

12. Women's tennis star Ivanovic: ANA. PHOTOGENIC.

13. Sailor: TAR.

19. Line event: Suggestion. As well as String, run, heat.

21. Out of line: Uneven.

25. Footprints hazard: Pothole.

26. Violet pudding ingredient: SUET. I've never had this. Beef fat, who knew? To reckoning it together, I suppose?

28. Shock away: AWE. From Old Norse "agi": fear, fear.

29. Pacers' home: Abbr.: IND. Basketball, Indiana.

31. Balneotherapy venue: SPA. Liniment of malignant cells by bathing. New word for me.

33. "Pick up FLY After that ME" lyricist: CAHN. Sammy.

35. Burgoo, e.g.: STEW. Revision the reason for this reminded me of the "stone bouillabaisse" metaphor, anybody brings something to add, plug, veggies, etc. This was new to me too. Sharply in the field of, they make booyah in 25 gallon quantities, but with animal protein somewhat of red meats.

39. Bit of dough: CLAM. Each one are terminology for money.

40. Org. with an INTERLOCKING Earrings LOGO: IOC. International Olympic Association.

41. Trivial: Insufficiently.

42. "That's disgusting!": UGH.

43. E. Per'on's title: SRA. Evita, Senora abbrevs.

44. It nigh on surrounds Gambia: SENEGAL. TODAY\'S Countryside Meaning.

47. Liqueur flavoring: ANISEED.

48. Far-away War thaw: DETENTE. A borrowing of French d'etente "loosening, entertainment" (cast-off in the Involve Ages for the engage of a crossbow).

50. Oxygen-loving organism: AEROBE. One which oxidizes sugars or fats to originate energy.

51. Peter the Resilient, for one: TSAR. Derivative from Latin Caesar.

52. Fungus-alga union: LICHEN. Symbiosis.

57. Butler at Tara: RHETT.

60. 1/2 fl. oz.: TBSP.

62. Halloween et al.: EVES. All Saints Day, otherwise forward as All Hallows, continued ancient Celtic traditions. The evening prior to the day was the time of the utmost critical amusement, every possible and ghostly. Personnel continued to accomplice All Hallows Eve as a time of the drifter dead, but the ghostly beings were now purpose to be evil. The folk continued to pacify natives spirits (and their implied impersonators) by location out gifts of crop and low. Next, All Hallows Eve became Hallow Sunset, which became Hallowe'en.

63. Moonstruck: MAD. The moon gets answerable for all sorts of Lunacy...

64. 17th Greek letter: RHO.

65. Falcons, on scoreboards: ATL. Football, Atlanta.

66. Yr.-end adviser: CPA. Administrator Avow Accountant.

Firmness Shred.