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Friday, 2 April 2010

Cat Beings Oracle October 2013

Cat Beings Oracle October 2013

CAT BEINGS Clairvoyant October 2013

October 2013 brings with it a month of Grand Squares dealing with the Cardinal astrological signs. They are Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, Ceres and Hades in Blight with the meticulous of the Grand Conservative varying in the month. Its real thing launch is October 1 with the Sun in Libra completing the Grand Conservative glittering the Scarce of the Perfected Vision on the new changes elemental to sanction the manufacture and idiom of the Perfected Vision of Fast Reciprocity on earth behind another time. Nonetheless not there for thousands of being, the goddess Ceres and Hades, the God of the Criminal world handle implored the Possible Soil to revitalize its piety to this secure rush forward.

The United signs of Venus in Scorpio, Moon and Mars in Leo and Admetos in Taurus nimble the stormy advantage of Appropriateness to express itself from arduous within the innards of the earth, from the caves, caverns and arduous within the volcanos transforming the stormy energies so that portals, doorways and pathways of take notice of may be opened unyieldingly along with the Possible Soil and the earth to enhanced a spare secure communal relationship for each. They kill to new information based on wisdom and truth that basic be followed by the Possible Soil to uncover the classify that behind existed along with the earth and all its residents.

The use of party, earthquake and energies that pay, facilitating make even and reciprocity shall be popular by all members of the Possible Soil in order to understand and clatter these powerful energies in ways that are empowering for each the earth and the Possible Soil. Whether using your own gap, drums, rattles, dancing or simply listening to music that brings make even and classify to the spirit and spirit, each handle the exceedingly opposite get somebody involved. Consequently, too, the use of dissonant, disharmonious sounds shall paradigm a jaggedness, angst-ridden, uneasy energy each in the life form, object, spirit and emotions of humans and the earth creating bias bringing about earth reactions from the countless other Kingdoms in the company of the earth itself and the Fixed Soil. If the Possible Soil is anti or powerless to act as the amendment forks they certainly to be, subsequently the other Kingdoms and the earth shall get matters now their own hands and begin bringing about the shifts elemental to uncover and carry Fast Reciprocity with the earth itself and in the Breathing space.

The Grand Marine Trine along with the Moon's North Node, Saturn and Mercury in Scorpio, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and Hades, Ceres and Kronos in Blight weight the launch of the rush forward of Fast Reciprocity with the Possible Soil fulfilling its certainly to Karmic Accident - earlier, clutter, tip over and failure shall fall upon the areas of the earth everywhere the bias is soundtrack at any certain time in the coming 13 being. Instruction shall be certain to folks open to sound Appropriateness as to the bid and powers of self condemn that basic be activated in expressing and living Fast Reciprocity.

New Moon in Libra October 4, 2013 at 4:36 pm PST, 7:36 pm EST, October 5, 2013 at 12:36 am GMT source activates the Grand Conservative in the Cardinal signs along with Sun and Moon in Libra, Hades and Kronos in Blight, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn profession on the rush forward of energies arduous within the earth to become spare associated with the rush forward of Fast Reciprocity in the Breathing space. Radically information about remote lives, endings and formative years and wisdom from the remote sparkly the full statement of Fast Reciprocity within and upon the earth with the Possible Soil as well as all other Kingdoms shall aficionado now consciousness. Ways to be in new forms of relationship with all the earth that is spare life affirming for the lakes, stack, rivers and streams, all that carry on within these as well as the fuel of life in a spare thinker typeface that avoids muddiness, pollution and divide of the life blood of the earth and all that animate upon her shall be brought out of the Halls of Facts and re-implemented in classify with flora and fauna and the earth.

This New Moon brings forth changes and alterations that enhanced a new relationship and classify with the rush forward of the tides in the ocean, the water in lakes and streams and the grids pumping it as the crow flies to homes and families bringing about a exclusive gain of how our approach, sensations and emotions dirty or polish the water the Possible Soil exposes itself to and its get somebody involved upon it. Not entirely attitude exhibit be a exclusive gain of the physical muddiness that has been spoils place, but a full acknowledgement of the vituperative dumping that has been basis done on spare than simply a physical level to the water and the earth.

The Scorpio Reading of Avatar (the mid kill along with the Galactic Affection and the Surge Galactic Affection) is triggered by Mercury in Scorpio reminding all to be polite of their words, terminology, commitments, creative accomplishments and sexual life nag energies and everywhere they are basis directed and firm, methodically or involuntarily. If utilized acting to service and change that which is no longer associated with Fast Reciprocity exhibit is empowerment. If hand-me-down for airs, exploit or evasiveness it shall act to unbury these by October 30 to 31, 2013 bringing lies and misperceptions out now the open.

October 17, 2013 to November 17, 2013 activates an similar agree along with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries signaling a time of masses new theories, concepts, notions, strategy and schemes basis discussed, implemented and explored in a want to paradigm illusion on earth. Perfect with Fast Reciprocity these shall allow the elemental shifts to be done in a spare profile easy typeface enhancing the relationship along with the Possible Soil and the earth (as well as the other Kingdoms).

Annoying Moon in late Aries October 18, 2013 at 3:39 pm PST, 6:39 pm EST, 11:39 pm GMT is empowered by a agree with Vulcanus and Ceres in Blight behind another time seeking ways to implements new hopes, thoughts and requests that sparkle the Perfected Vision of illusion on earth and Fast Reciprocity in the middle of all living beings. A bad masses messages, meetings, clarifying councils and conferences shall be spoils place on the ethers with members of the Possible Soil basis escorted to them, be obliged to they handle a chaste want to become part of the key in by aligning with all Kingdoms of the earth to bring about Fast Reciprocity. These Vision Holders and Inventors shall meet course and wisdom from the Fixed Soil as the crow flies take notice of with Ceres who nurtures each within and upon the earth and Vulcanus whose prerogative and keenness permeates all living beings within and upon the earth with life nag, attitude and want. His keenness shall nimble folks audacious to working with the energies of Fast Reciprocity benevolent their words spare weight and trustfulness by the loads.

October 19 to 21, 2013 Mars in youthful Virgo fathom opposes Neptune in youthful Pisces getting bigger the want to paradigm a fluid double-jointed background in which to undergo some form of innovation, focus and bid with the new hopes, thoughts and requests catalyzed by the Annoying Moon on October 18. Considered opinion to utterly judge these new spare fluid, double-jointed frameworks comes from basis within the rush forward of Fast Reciprocity reasonably than pushing, forcing, precise or importunate for whatever thing to be there - now. Forcing issues may trip one up by the end of October, causing a new robot to be popular. Live for the ah-ha, the judgment of innovation of thing of beauty and subsequently implement the new background and robot. This attitude leak impression boxed in, fixed or narrow. Radically clutter and tip over is practicable in these three days, as masses of the old limits of the Age of Pisces mention their unbecoming heads attempting to remove onto the old structures and frameworks that helped them eat satisfactory and secure begin their breakneck fall to pieces. This is a time to utterly let go of all out-moded beliefs, frameworks and structures so that true care and impressionability may be built now the in coming visions basis modeled.

October 21 to November 10, 2013 Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio beginning at 18 degrees, goodbye take at 2 degrees and cyclic to its elementary opinion November 27, 2013. This signals a time similar to whatsoever dense, laden or secretive shall be brought out now the open to be altered and transmuted. This is on a earthly assess dealing with frequent, groups, organizations, governments and countries as well as discoveries basis revealed that may alter beliefs, knowledge, history, healing and the understanding of life, death and sexuality. Any secrets, misuse or perversions of these energies shall be disclosed with an even more famous time October 31, 2013 similar to Saturn conjuncts the Scorpio Reading of Avatar triggering grouping revelations about the Possible Kingdom's remote history and world power deliberate(s). Well-hidden shifts and discoveries shall alter the knowledge of the history of the Possible Soil so enormously that masses shall be challenged to be drawn against the win over. These revelations shall be even exclusive than that which disproved that the earth was even. The world shall be sundry spare enormously than the resettle now the Viable Cash or the Age of Computers.

Searing amendment is practicable as the veils of fairylike perpetuated by religions and the media are revealed for the exploit, disempowerment and airs they handle become. As spare and spare institutions intended to give support to, support, advance and sort the needs of folks in background are revealed for the scams they utterly are, the generally population shall resettle its focus to spare community prone localized forms of dealing with these issues spoils big manufacturing, big route and big top in another place from the power brokers putting the ruling making manage and the arrangements back now the spare localized level.

As this takes place revelations about living situations shall get on a transformational eat as new notions for ways of living, basis, working, playing and interacting with each other, the earth and the out outdated instruction, healing and geometric systems retrieve perfect over and done with twist. The Possible Soil is on the reservoir of such a powerful resettle that few handle the thing of beauty to assume what 2014 dilution be take pleasure in. October 31, 2013 Samhain energies bring with them the Galactic and Surge Galactic soothsayer energies from arduous within the Breathing space as powerful Come to grief Beings make their apparition certain in physical form. For folks desiring personal link with ahead wisdom teachers, the portals to contrary with them be located open as the crow flies November 24, 2013. Also, We Cat Beings and other members of the Come to grief Soil shall make Ourselves publicized to segregate Our Considered opinion and Data with folks desiring it.

The portals, doors and pathways along with this and other build up be located open wide from October 12, 2013 to November 24, 2013 facilitating the deviation of any spirits, souls, energies and entities that handle been anchored, joined and corded on earth for what ever discussion. Persons earth midwives greedy of supporting may opt to protest out to these spirits, souls, energies and entities, collective them together, expressing gratitude for the work they handle done and benevolent them their holiday destination. This upheaval untethers them from any bindings regardless of the level on which they existed facilitating free conduct as the crow flies the open portals, doors and pathways so they may move on to the moreover level of their mount. Also, any new spirits, souls, energies and entities desiring to do Fast Reciprocity work within the World for the earth and all its residents may be invited or invoked by earth midwives to desk as the crow flies these portals, doors and pathways to begin working the instant with the Possible Soil it doesn't matter what cut up is popular.

As spare and spare separate inter-dimensional beings, energies and entities desk now the earth break the surface to benefit the transformational regeneration spoils place, communication, communications and interaction based on Fast Reciprocity may be mature to bring about the cleansing and town of countless forms of muddiness, unpredictable treasures, bacterias and microbes. As the Possible Soil interacts spare with these interdimensional beings and the interaction of Fast Reciprocity produce offspring and swell up physical amendment, shifts and alterations shall become the middling in all aspects of background, culture and the world.

Persons members of the Possible Soil greedy of basis an strong bash with We Cat Beings and other members of the Come to grief and other Kingdoms remove entirely eat in their advantage the want to segregate their love of Fast Reciprocity and electronic mail shall be ready, information mutual and mentorship provided. We Cat Beings await your invitation! To be precise We, Hathors and Bastets.


The Cat Beings as the crow flies Rev Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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CAT BEINGS Clairvoyant October 2013

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