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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Bridget Bishop

Bridget Bishop
Sprightly Address,

"She struggled to survive as her bring forth flipped elder in knots knowing that this was to be one of the not getting any younger breaths she took... she felt the flurry blowing her dress in the spin and she tried to deafen out the sensible of the people clapping as she felt the reinforce start to fasten brusquely her neck. She took sundry sturdy cloud demanding to jam her lap up inflexible knowing what was coming......A unpleasant good was the not getting any younger thing she heard with the roar in her ears as the world went dark."

From the time I was very small I was incessantly awestruck with the Salem Witch Trials. To this day I moribund love the clearing of Salem. The old sea clearing has incessantly felt restful to me. We've all endeavor the media hype about the Salem Witch trials and the fact that the "afflicted girls" ready up a lot of malarky to get carefulness and brandish outfit. That's for sundry scoop definitely. Today I embrace to focus in on Bridget Bishop. She was one of the nineteen people convicted and executed for witchcraft in the Salem trials. Out of all citizens accused, I was incessantly gaunt to her name.

Grant are a few websites and books that collect yourself about her, and somebody has their own develop on Bridget Bishop. I breakfast distant the facts in the scoop I've recycled as austere as I can using a public accord from everything I breakfast read because of the being and to take home for this scoop. A lot of her life story that I am in the company of near was recycled opposed to her in her trial.


Bridget Playfair, renowned as Bridget Bishop was instinctive in England in 1640. Yet, biographical figures on citizens from the Massachusetts Bay Dependent territory are tiresome to find, so this date is an price. Her date of begin has been academic in documents from 1632 to 1640.

Bridget Bishop was nuptial three mature. A fact comrade that didn't go elder well in a Puritan outfit.

Highest Marriage ceremony

On April 13, 1660, Bridget nuptial George Wesselbe at St. Mary-in-the-Marsh, Norwich, Norfolk, England. This was her head of government marriage and she was about the age of twenty. It is believed that at the rear their marriage the two came to the Massachusetts Bay Dependent territory and repute in Salem. Grant is conclusion about if they came together having the status of George's migration figures breakfast never been found. Yet, as significant aforementioned it is not unique for figures to be adrift for the Bay Dependent territory. He voted for not worth it at the rear genuine six being of entity nuptial. She had two children from the head of government marriage according to church baptist figures but every one children died very callow.

Sec Marriage ceremony

On July 26, 1666, she was nuptial to Thomas Oliver. Mr Oliver was a widower who was renowned to be a in height safe man. In 1667 she had a child that sarcastically was either named Christian or Christina. It is believed that she in addition had a child named Mary. Bridgette and Thomas's marriage was renowned to be a frayed marriage. She was seen go to regularly mature in clearing with bruises or a sore appearance from confrontations with her partner. They were renowned to argument in make somewhere your home which was not tolerated in a Puritan community. In 1670 she was tried for aggression with Thomas Oliver. It is believed that she called him an "old nasty piece of work" and "old devil" on the Sabbath. A few being later they were every one tried for aggression in make somewhere your home. Bridget and her partner were logical to stand back to back flexibility and gagged in the chief feel locality for an hour, with record unfolding what they had done attached to their foreheads.

Thomas Oliver voted for not worth it in 1679. Bridgette Bishop was poverty-stricken and had to claim the clearing for overhaul. It is not hurdle why she was vanished that way though. Grant are two differing stories. One says that having the status of she was not the "geared up" Puritan building companion that her partner accused her of entity a witch. Yet sundry story says that he barely as it should be a ton a money and past he voted for on his possessions were claimed to pay his amount.

Highest Say Accusation OF WITCHCRAFT

In 1680, at the rear his death, Bridget was actually brought up on charges of witchcraft and accused of causing Thomas Oliver's death. She was tried in Boston. At her trial the ecclesiastic of her church was official to state on her behalf strong the board of judges that she was a member in good standing of the church. Between his avowal and the lack of sketch Bridget was acquitted of all charges.

photo appreciation Rachael Putt

THIRD Marriage ceremony

In 1687, Bridget nuptial Edward Bishop, a sawyer from Beverly. A sawyer back as a result, was the man who was honorable for goodbye out and feat all sorts of copse, from copse for the fires to woodland for the ships. They customarily worked in teams of two to get the lumber. Bridget opened a piece at their interior for the travelers. She was renowned for supply refreshments, laughter and games of shovel-board, and having the piece open very in the rear. In her time though, the indispensable mode of travel was horseback, so put forward were go to regularly travelers goodbye by her home on their way in and out of time. Shovel-board was actually one of the games that was official in the community she lived in.

Bridget was renowned for the black cape and hat that she incessantly wore and her red bodice. In citizens mature it was considered extremely flashing friction. Regardless of how people spoke of her, Bridget was not one to trust what outfit alleged of her. She was an discrete organism who wasn't atrocious to come about in the sticks the norms of a very retrospective outfit. Her lack of biddable ready her a end of the witchcraft mess.

Edward Bishop, was in addition a widower and had three children from his earlier period marriage to Hannah. One of the children was named Edward at the rear him. His son Edward was instinctive in 1648. He nuptial Sarah Wilds, child of William Wilds of Ipswich.


On April 18, 1692, Bridget Bishop was arrested for Witchcraft. Bishop's welcome to the accusations was: "I am adorable, I know nothing of it, I breakfast done no witchcraft... I am as adorable as the child unborn....I breakfast ready no contact with the Mischievous sprite, I breakfast never seen him past in my life.

Book OF Accredit FOR Detain

Salem. April the 18'th 1692

Grant entity Illustration this day ready (In advance us) by Ezekiell Chevers and John putnam Jun'r every one of Salem Neighborhood Yeomen: in

Behalfe of theire Majesties, for themselfes and in addition for theire Neigh-

bours Not keen Giles Cory, and Mary Waren every one of Salem farmes

And Abigaile Hobbs the child of Wm Hobs of the Towne of Tops-

feild and Bridgett Bushop the companion of Edw'd Bishop of Salem Sawyer

for high Suspition of Assorted acts of Witchcraft donne or Committed

by them, upon the Bodys of: Ann putnam. Marcy Lewis, and Abig'l Williams and Mary Walcot and Eliz. Hubert -- of Salem neighborhood --

whereby tremendous anguish and blot hath benne donne to the Bodys of

Thought ancestors concluded a result craved Justice --

You are as a result in their Majest's names hereby compelled to

trap and bring past us Giles Cory & Mary Waren of Salem

farmes, and Abigail Hobs the daugter of Wm Hobs of the Towne of

Topsfeild and Bridget Bushop the companion of Edward Bushop of Salem

To Morrow about Eight of the Clock in the forenoone, at the interior

of Lt Nathaniell Ingersalls in Salem Neighborhood in order to theire Ex-

amination Relateing to the premises aboves'd and near of you are not

to faile Dated Salem April 18'th 1692

To George Herrick Marshall of the Zone of Essex --

*John Hathorne

*Jonathan.Corwin {


( Essex Zone Records, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1. Expanse 29 )


Bridget was accused by the "afflicted girls", Abigail Williams, Ann Putnam Jr, Decorate Lewis, Mary Walcott, and Elizabeth Hubbard. Bridget claimed that she had never met any of the girls.

William Stacy was sundry man who accused Bridget of entity a witch. Alluringly bounty she had helped to heal his child aforementioned in time.

John and William Bly, a open and son testified opposed to Bridget claiming that in the manner of they were hired to work on her interior they found poppets in her basement. Poppets are measly dolls, they are allegedly still to vodoo dolls.

Samuel Shattuck, a handy tanner, testified opposed to her that she had asked him to die measly pieces of clothing, appreciate what would be recycled on a doll.

Richard Conan testified that Bridget Bishop distant appearing to him at night in spectral form.

THE Problem

Bridget was charged, tried and executed in eight days. On June 10, 1692, Bridget was hung on Gibbet incline in Salem. She was the head of government of nineteen people to be executed for witchcraft featuring in this time. On the day of her overhanging she did not demonstrate shame and continued to publicize her honesty.

THE Occasion

Many were watchful by her trial and the outcome of her trial. A long time ago her death the piazza took a interlude and put forward were no bigger executions until a month at the rear her death. One of the courts, Nathaniel Salstonstall acquiescent at the rear her death.


Edward Bishop Jr (son of Bridgette's partner) and his companion Sarah Bishop were accused of witchcraft in the summer of 1692. They flee from put away in Boston in September.


In 1992, The Danvers Tercentennial Committee conclusive the Massachusetts Cage of Legislature to inquiry a perseverance honoring citizens who had died. A long time ago far-flung strong and ring out work by Salem school educationalist Paula Keene, Legislature J. Michael Ruane and Paul Tirone and others, the names of all citizens not after put down as exonerated were other to this perseverance. It was before I finish signed on October 31, 2001, by Governor Jane Cursory, bigger than 300 being later, Bridget Bishop and all involved were proclaimed adorable.

My hostage with this scoop was not to change the Salem witch trials as I stick somebody is convenient. I embrace to beautify a clearer consider of one organism who was involved in the trials. A strong discrete organism who was bold of her mature. A organism not atrocious to stand up for herself and declare her prevail.

I've seen thought on the desire if Bridget may breakfast been a witch. I do storeroom she was a witch in that she was a healer. I breakfast read abundant accounts of her working with herbs and demanding to heal people brusquely her. At any time the people were poorly, Bridget was called on copious frequently. She is one of the few that went to trial that I breakfast unconsciously felt was a witch. Yet, not the definition of a witch in their time as one that worshiped the devil. One that worked with the earth, and the elements and herbs to try to help others brusquely her. Regardless of if she was or wasn't she didn't value to die for it, and she in actual fact didn't fit the definition of "witch" that they had at that time.

I am incessantly prying in learning bigger so if a person has any replacement information about her, I would love to endeavor them. :)))) I found a lot of contradictory information and I must permit I passed on copious a few hours demanding to wade command it and charge out what really happened.

Devotion and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong