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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Regifugium Day Of The Abdication Of The Sacred King

Regifugium Day Of The Abdication Of The Sacred King Cover
COLORS: Gold and black


ALTAR: On a black cloth set a crown of gold in a bowl of ashes, three lit black candles, and two lengths of cloth - one golden silk sewn with trim and jewels, and one plain rough handwoven cloth in the colors of the Earth.

OFFERINGS: Prostrating oneself on the ground before the altar. Giving up something in which one has great pride that is no longer useful to anyone.

DAILY MEAL: Food that is plain, unseasoned, simple, and coarse.


Hail to the King in his glory!

Yet turn away your eyes

For he has grown weary of his throne

And he finds that power

No longer brings him joy.

On this day in cold Solmonath

Before the coming of the Spring

He finds that pride has fallen

Into ashes

And that he longs for a morning

That breaks on a simpler life.

Hail to the King as he descends

From the high places

Where he has grown accustomed

To ruling and serving.

He will now serve a greater purpose

Within a smaller boundary.

May the Gods smile on those

Whose soul tells them

When they must step down.

Hail to him who is no longer King

And blessed be the rest of his days.


The King hath died to the world of the Crown

Let the trumpets sound - away he rides

Yet life goes on - Regifugium.

(All prostrate themselves, are sprinkled with the ashes, and contemplate what they must give up.)

From: Pagan Book of Hours

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Hilda Roderick Ellis - Road To Hel A Study Of The Conception Of The Dead

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