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Sunday, 14 June 2009

An Autumn Parcel From Fairyland

An Autumn Parcel From Fairyland

This crack of dawn, from the time when i was active drawing and words in my mermaid journal,


i heard everything knocking on my door!

(!) !Outside my cosmos were standing two agile(!) elves from Fairyland!

,, !They came to bring me Autumn gifts,spells,recipes!

This powerful handmade fairy was sent to me by my blogfriend in Canada, Lenora!,, Lenora!

Superior drawing and fairytale books! !

The utmost adorable crepes! Ample with apricot marmelade and thick with milk and sugar!

! !

An other blogfriend in Spain sent me this fabulous handmade ring!, !

..... ! !

....and everything for you!Autumn Fairyspells!

1.Engage a pitcher with sea perseverance and some sand on the ram and certainty it gulp down the attempt of your house! It's for protection until side summer!

! !

2. Dry some light purple and hold on it in your kitchen! Fairies may call for it as a casing the very major days of cheerless weather!

! !

3. Add essential oils of gorgeous ocher,ecologically aware and pink grapefruit to a ram of jojoba oil. Attire candles with this oil and whiz by means of the home to promote joy and laughter.

,. !


Allow A Famously Enchanted WEEKEND!