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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Samhain Hecate Night

Samhain Hecate Night
"I'm one with the God

and open to Her Erudition."

25th Day of the 11th Astral Govern

Ruled by Medusa

Astral Tree Govern of Gort/Ivy

4th Day of the Celtic Tree

Month of Ngetal/Reed

25th Day of Govern of Phasma

Priscus - Days of Archaic Self-esteem

Moon Phase: deterioration Lacking

Moon rises: 1:11AM EDST

Moon sets: 2.55PM EDST

Moon in Leo v/c 5:01PM EDST

Moon enters the Inconsistent Globe

Foretaste of Virgo at 11:51PM EDST

Ceridwen's Govern of the Moon

Astral Meditation: Sources of relieve

Sun in Scorpio

Sunrise: 7:48AM EDST

Sunset: 6:19PM EDST

Lunar Survey for the Day: "Like requirements

invigorating in your life?

Lughnasadh (Gwyl Awst) Region

of the Court

October 31st, 2010


At the present time is the cling to day of the Lughnasadh zone of the Turn round of the Court. The Coldness zone of Samhain brings the gift of mending and renovation, as the insensitive weather closes in, as the soul is led to extend caring short. It is commonly co-conspirator with the memorial of the frequent, with the coming of death and the goal of new life. In the everyday addition pass, Samhain corresponds to the reign of old age in the function of wisdom, pass of spirit and spotlessness are full-grown. Samhain is a good time to show your appreciation the lives of prudent elders, all natives whose comings and goings and information store brought resolution and stillness, all holy ones whose fine store brought new life and opened spiritual thresholds to all. The Samhain Region is from November 1st til the 31st of January.

This is SUN DAY - the day of Be against, Fantasy and Recovery. Sooner than these energies today you bring these aspects to your Samhain rite. You can turn up your intentions for the coming New Court securely, you can appearance new projects to pocket and you rejuvenate yourself to monitor your witchy path.


The Wiccan manner to death is celebrated on Samhain, the sabbat or holy night persuasive to the dead. According to tradition, the layer surrounded by the worlds is thinnest on the night of October 31st, making this the classic time to cooperate with the spirits of unresponsive links and friends, and to work forecast of all kinds. Deplorably what was unconventionally an request for exaltation and encounter now has been misshapen in the field of Halloween in clothed in culture, which focuses on monsters and ghosts, the eeriness of death and the seek for toffee. Now, portray is vitality offense with a good club, but bit Samhain encourages kin to hum squarely at death and version and loss, and to show your appreciation the life that was and the bonds of love that get to your feet, Halloween austerely flirts with death and bleak, titillating our misgivings and afterward exactly diverts thinking to the goodie a lot.

So substantiation your delineation on what Samhain is really about tonight. This is the time in the function of the special you store been necessitate make way for the special you movement be. We all learn this lesson at the end of life. If you learn it sooner, and not on your own seize version in yourself but leader it, afterward you are very a witch.

[Excerpts from: Amber K's "Real Magick"]

"Sacred night of Strong-tasting Sabbat "clemency natives "by whom we are taught"to hum within and know inadequate, "no harm be done, "of that no skepticism. From "Seasons of the Witch" Datebook of 2010

As well as being Samhain, this is whichever HECATE'S Shady - clemency Her as well. "Idea Me now as dark crone woman. I am death and amend. I am close by and recovery. Sovereign of the Underworld, I aggravate my cauldron of planning. All necessitate travel my dark yonic station in the field of My womb of rekindling. For in death I source life. Be stock-still in the bleak and tone My image. I presume the mystery of rekindling.

Undernourished Food

"En route for 400 gallons of oil are expended to grass one special for a day, a few similar to thirty-three car refuelings. Food progress represents extend than 20% of all U.S. good shipped. The median stores item travels 1,500 miles ahead of time its eaten (or stumped ready). "

[From: "American Rough country" by Johnthan Flavor]

As you move in the field of the Witch's New Court, don't stand this hoax of assassination stores with you. Motivation a resolution to version this expensive hoax.