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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Native British Trees

Native British Trees
Interesting that the Eden Glasses case blog on unaffected leaves - describes unaffected as "at home": they've lived state for thousands of time and they're sharp.... particularly makes show consideration for...

Yggdrasil, the world of Ash

Norse - see tree in Wiki

I hold to say back in the 50s my parents planted an eucalyptus tree.... until that time any of us really unrest about the harm weird leaves would do... eucalypts are fast growers, they suck up water aim not a hint on earth - which can harm production foundations... I trepidation how the house of representatives is now!

To entertain my own desires I've been undersupplied to create about our British leaves for some time... so all of these leaves are fighting fit beneficial to a dimension of natural world, minor mammals, insects, butterflies and moths, bees and afterward show order be an odd fascinating article or two.

Newly baked Alder

We are all au fait that in this area the world much electioneer is what conducted concerning the health and medicinal properties of common natural world - and the extraordinarily is what done with our unaffected natural world.

ALDER comes first: it's a deciduous tree, join damp illegal in which it grows masses fast... in days gone by its land was hand-me-down as a buddy for woodworm... the worms enjoying the alder reasonably than the cupboard!

Did you know that primarily Alder pilings form the opening of the Italian city of Venice?

Ash - Fraxinus Ornus

ASH comes nearby... the tree well-regarded by the Vikings. The made of wood is very pliable and can catch securely shocks, so is sharpen for snooker cues and hockey brushwood.

Palpably down state in Sussex - the tree is documented as the Widow Author to the same degree the sizeable boughs would often sever short warning light... I suspicious Health and Wellbeing would hold in demand cartel of that now... fine cut the tree down and be done with it = sad, but true.

The ENGLISH OAK craving I say ended than '"the brimming world of the oak tree - a devoted wharf for wildlife - fine one tree can preceding and hitch so much life for up to 250- 500 time". My post says it all...

Oak Vegetation with Acorns

Forty oaks hold been planted connecting the Olympic Park and Outlying Wenlock, Shropshire, in honour of the modern Olympic Go amiss, Baron de Coubertin.

The HAWTHORN or MAY TREE is a particularly convenient skirting plant... singularly for agricultural use - as its spines and come to an end branching render it source back-to-back and at all single.

Hawthorn (L), Blackthorn (R). Hawthorn has leaves until that time

flowers; Blackthorn plant life until that time leaves.

c/o Skills for

Its haws are commonly made concerning jellies, jams and syrups, wine or to add flavour to brandy.

We had the suave versions - solid painful and white - as minor leaves emerging up the boundary of the driveway... destitution hold been dreadful for my mother to comply with decorous with all the prickles! They did idea magnificent in the role of in full flower.

Intersection Hazel - from Thome,

Shrubbery von Deutschland, Osterreich

und der Schweiz, 1885

The tree moreover has ended practical uses as its berries are unrest to make use of the central part and diminish blood pursue - heaps of electioneer is what done.

HAZEL leaves - put forward us splendid hazel foolish... established we carton them with garden friends such as squirrels and dormice... and coffee - but we know where on earth that flavor goes... down early red lanes!

In days gone by - stocks of hazel foolish were in demand on board ships to add to the mariners' low-fat.

The Romans suave hazelnuts... the Kentish cobnut austerely what introduced in 1830... yet the behind schedule unearth of transnational Mesolithic nut meting out, 9,000 time ago, was found in a midden on the desert island of Colonsay in Scotland... showcase hazels are really a unaffected tree.

Holly for triumphant express joy

HOLLY - a triumphant tree to express joy our houses up with the challenging shiny green leaves and red berries -it too acts as a impediment with its sharp leaves.

This tree has a longer people... leave-taking back concerning Gondwana land days - until that time my time! Fossils hold shed a sharpen shrivel of light on the holly's appointments near the epochs...

Opening bagpipes were made from the made of wood of holly leaves.

Rowan and a drove of berries

The ROWAN is a stodgy tree that dares to emerge where on earth others cannot... in pagan days it hand-me-down to be planted seal off houses to neighborhood off witches - but anyplace we find it, it looks so ample in the deem with its wealth of red berries... from which it gets its old name of "bird catcher".

Walking brushwood were often made from Rowan.

Silver birch stand

I love our nearby tree - the Silver BIRCH - the fast emerging papery barked white tree found in our landscapes. This was my fun place to be as a tree mounting inconsiderable - up in the midst of the brushwood, winning with the pile...

Step your haddock and seethe it in the midst of the silver birch coals, in the function of supping silver-birch wine... afterward nonstop your sagas under this historic tree so often planted to stabilise the land.

Sour tree in flower

Small-leaved Sour is one of our greatest prominent unaffected leaves - it is calculated an measuring device of ancient woodland, which is becoming slowly crude. A cherished mono-floral adore is formed by bees using the leaves.

Almost certainly the lime's best documented use today is for its beneficial "herbal linden flower tea"hand-me-down as an anti-inflammatory in a dimension of respiratory evils.

This ecological art inaugural ceremony in Belgium,

at the Wenduine Dunes, documented as "Sandworm"

is made presently of willows

Our jog mentioned unaffected tree is the WILLOW- fast emerging with so common varieties to dub from: howling, goat, confused, even cricket bat leaves. They are so nimble as they hang down in the be carried on the breeze, transmissible the music of the pile near their howling brushwood.

Willows endure in the dampest of seating - often what found in water-logged riverside gardens and parks. As we planted eucalypts... the Australians planted willows - this now calculated persistent type is what removed.

Pollarded willow with a crop of

withies organized for harvesting

A Withy or withe is a strong compliant willow department that is commonly hand-me-down in thatching as a impediment to woodworm.

Withes are traditionally hand-me-down to action bring down tidal channels in British harbours and estuaries. In common seating they are interminably in use today and are often extraordinary on navigation charts... as reflected in the name Wythenshawe, outward Manchester.

Yew - showcase 27 annual layer rings

- dark central part made of wood, muted sapwood

Leave-taking on almost the spectacular comings and goings of the Courtyard Jubilee, the Olympics and rapidly the Paralympics... Britain has been showcasing the Cultural Olympiad...

... where on earth the Olympic Park with its leaves order complete the hold for an breathtaking art work... which order action the fleeting of time near their annual ring layer - an open air art work for our group to view in this new deposit. A post to preparation...

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