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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Witchcraft And The Law In Zimbabwe

Witchcraft And The Law In Zimbabwe Cover

Book: Witchcraft And The Law In Zimbabwe by Gordon Chavunduka

WITCHCRAFT is an emotive subject and has been very difficult to deal with legally. This difficulty has allowed a number of people, who have had others commit crimes, escape punishment.

The problem, legally, arises from the fact that there is no scientific or legal proof that performing an act of Witchcraft has any physical result. It is a crime of intention, an intention to do harm, with no measurable way of discovering if there was any harm and a general attitude among the educated that there can be no harm. In this, Witchcraft differs from crimes such as theft.

A thief has the intention of grabbing something that does not belong to him, and when he commits the crime he actually takes something and that something can be valued. Murderers, rapists and those who commit assault hurt another human; it is possible to see a result. Of course some acts of Witchcraft are also other crimes.

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