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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Remanifestation The Process Explained

Remanifestation The Process Explained Cover

Book: Remanifestation The Process Explained by James Lewis

It is by necessity of the Initiation that each Magus set forth the Principles of his Word and those aspects of it which exist with both contemporary life and the Words previous to it. A Word, whether of the primary or Bon-enhancing kind, must have relevance to the Chemistry of life. It is the duty of the one who Utters it to show the principle at work. It is not the duty of the Magus to do all the work involved with his principle; instead he shares such Understandings as his intellect is able to translate into comprehensible language so that others may put his perceptions to the test. It is for this reason that while the Degree of Magus is uncluttered by obscurity and is in fact the most easily understandable of all Grades, the difficulty associated with it is in its successful functioning. No one would have ever been able to convey the full weight of that to me prior to having personally experienced it and it may be that one or more of you reading this may one day undergo that freak occurrence which we name the Fifth Degree. Future Magi have now been forewarned!

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