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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Gardnerian Wicca

Gardnerian Wicca Image
I've been scouring my resources once again, and found a number of great articles from the past on the Craft. These articles feature influential witches such as Ray Bone, Doreen Valiente, Lady Olwen, and Patricia Crowther. Also, I found a handful more old newsletters on witchcraft, and once again boggle at how very different a world we live in now. In addition to these new finds, I also have some copies of the Pentagram Newsletter from the mid 60's available on this older blog post. I also have a very nice article from 1974 about Lady Theos and Phoenix, the first Gardnerians in the US. Enjoy some blast-from-the-past reading!

Earth Religion News - 1974

Earth Religion News (2) - 1974

"Witchcraft in Britain" - Illustrated Magazine - 1952

Patricia Crowther Interview by Ronald Hutton - 2002

Lady Olwen in Observer Magazine - 1968

Ray Bone in Life Magazine - 1964

The Waxing Moon - A Witchcraft Newsletter - 1966

Books in PDF format to read:

Paul Huson - Mastering Witchcraft
Ann Moura - Green Witchcraft
Anonymous - Correlian Wicca

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