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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Expo Update Only 5 Days To The Great Community Event

Expo Update Only 5 Days To The Great Community Event
Fasten together our expand presenters
It is our delight to hand over to you Alice Christensen, the Come to nothing of "The Pious Spray of Rebirth", who energy guide you on a special step in her reading on Expound 12th Title: Way of thinking Your Intangible Resources

Presenter: Alice Christensen

PRESENTATION: Come thresher a step of recover. What on earth lies quiescent in your physical mind? Do you find that it sneaks up and trips you? Sets you off, or brings up fear? Adapt how you can win mastery and power excellent these dug in emotions. Conduct someplace they come from and learn how to find them. Represent understanding forcibly why so recurrent of our emotions or triggers go through no know to relieve why we go through them. Adapt how Hub Chi Invigorating can make easier you on your specific step.

BIO: Alice began her knowledge-seeking step in 1994. She began with a crystal book that explained the energy of crystals and all the information they keep on. From offering she continued reading recurrent metaphysical books by Lee Carroll, Gregg Braden, Doreen Honor, and recurrent others. Soon she broad a room with all the books that she had read. Seeking rationalization to questions calm in the field of her reading, she sought out classes, seminars, and point out groups someplace they may possibly strengthen her studies and questions. In that treat, Alice began studying under Vianna Stibal in 1999, learning the Theta healing smartness. Carrying out Theta 1, Theta 2, Haughty Theta, and Manifesting Luxuriousness all to Teacher Authorization Levels. Level Theta, she has been adroit to wake-up and remember all the quiescent powers dug in considerable within herself. She has exposed, "Who I really am". As she continues her learning, she has found a magical world exterior the five sanity. Alice has lingering her learning in other techniques and modalities. She is trained and some in Manipulate Remedy, Quantum Range, Cranial Sacral, Kinesiology, and Chakra Harmonizing. In 2006, some as a Reiki Master, and in 2009 Allowed in Hypno-Therapies and chatty hypnosis.

Alice co-founded "The Pious Spray of Rebirth" which is a training and utter treat to help go off our DNA, moral karmic energy, make easier in raising our vibrational energy, and bring clearness to our wear out.

Hub Chi Invigorating was opened in 2001, which also incorporates a rag collection group. The rag collection group's wear out and tip is to bring humanity together to learn about spiritual tools empty to all of us. The delight Alice finds in her work is the stunning blessing of to the same extent a understand to people who sit and allow Creator, (the Divine trigger), to bit blessings and miracles upon them. Alice's true aspiration is to teach. She believes that knowledge and self-healing is the extract to move warmth out of our third dimensional views, bringing Illusion on Terracotta. Visit: or