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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

O Is For Rdg

O Is For Rdg
I youthful saw the word "ORD"oG in the pages of Dracula. It was the Hungarian word for Evil spirit I came to learn. As is my management, I wrote the name on my bookmark and went on. It was not bare final that I saw the name once more that I starting thought it would make a good devil-type.

The "Ord"og is part of the Hungarian folk tradition. They semblance future as a satyr or faun; humanoid with the cap stem of a human male and humiliate portions of a goat. Their hooves are black and cloven. Their realize are violent and they take on hunger ram-like horns. It is sometimes remarked that the best way to know the divergence together with an "Ord"og and a Satyr is by the degree of their horns, but this is not increasingly foolproof.

The "Ord"og furthermore has a hunger black stem that ends in a penknife. They can't incursion with it, but it looks unnerving. Changed part of the "ord"og that is unnerving is their in public good phallus.

The "Ord"og shares above than cease similarities to the satyr. Ornamental the satyr, the "ord"og can be found in olive or forested areas. Furthermore, the "ord"og is summoned up best commonly to partake in the sabbats and rituals of witches. These devils partake in the renowned orgy-like sabbats of witches, held at midnight. New born to the witches at the back these orgies become "ord"og themselves if male or witches if female.

One of the above huge (or renowned) "Ord"og was Caliban, son of Sycorax.

An "Ord"og can semblance as human male, albeit one with muddy black hair and black eyes, or as a good fox.

More than a few occult scholars maintain that "ord"og split the dreadfully association to hags as satyr's do with nymphs.

For that reason, the spawn of an "ord"og and a brownie is a Forlarren.

To the same extent today is Sword & Wizardry Day, inside is the "ord"og in S as soon as per sabbat. The "ord"og wishes directive for learning this new spell; regularly in the form of a amount or sexual talks.

"Ord"og are frantic demons, they incursion with their claws close that of animal; commonly ignoring weapons even for example they are uncommunicative.

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