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Monday, 27 January 2014


The Tennessee Surpass Unitarian Universalist House of worship was attacked yesterday by an anti-gay extremist with a gun, who killed two members of the convention.

It is terribly sad that the populace were killed for ego open, complete and lock to other the populace.

The hearts of the Pagan community go out to the convention and the families of associates who died, and they are in our way of behaving and prayers.

Jason at The Wild Rummage has posted about it:

* Breaking: Unitarian-Universalist House of worship Cold
* Update: Unitarian-Universalist House of worship Cold

A monitor on Jason's blog sums it up well:

"Equally I first heard the communication, even up to that time whatsoever about the gunman's motives were shared, I couldn't help but nerve that it was in view of the fact that the UU is the convene of church it is - welcoming, and yielding of pagans, of religious multiplicity, of glbt, and whatsoever multiplicity." - SangrailAnd Witches and Scientists has expressed surprise and sensation too: Dawn on on Unitarian Universalist House of worship, two dead

I posted my condolences at gambol of the elements and on the special UU blog.

Witchvox has a statement for prayers.

Tnjen at Corrente: Devastation in Knoxville: Overhaul Cold at Unitarian House of worship

Beth Owl's Son is sending her prayers.

Two Witches are in solidarity with TUUVC.

The LGBT community is whichever sending its way of behaving and prayers:

- A lesbian LJ community expresses respect.

- Out and Ring-shaped expresses condolences on behalf of the Tennesse Transgender Embassy Grouping

Slightly commenters on Pagan blogs handle asked if put on is a informer to bestow to.

The UUA has set up a special blog entitled Vital Our Contacts in Knoxville somewhere you are invited to set off comments of love and corroboration.

The UU blogosphere has whichever reacted with ache and compassion:

Psyche & Emotions day 2The vigil tonight at UUCA was great - put on was perhaps 50 of us in the end from UUCA but a few from other congregations in metro Atlanta. I wasn't expecting the open microphone somewhere we may well allot...

Posted on Piety AND SUNFLOWERS (Position / Figures) on Tuesday July 29, 2008Gathering to Financial assistance WitnessI'd such as to allot the words I laugh at at UUCA's vigil this past Monday, as we apprehended the Tennessee Surpass Unitarian Universalist House of worship in Knoxville at the middle of our way of behaving and prayers...

Posted on THOUSAND VOICES (Position / Figures) on Tuesday July 29, 2008Tragic Cold at Knoxville ChurchEveryone stage at Flare Impulsion is reverberatingly commotion by the harmful ear-piercing at the rear Sunday at the Tennessee Surpass Unitarian Universalist House of worship in Knoxville, in which two the populace were killed and seven oth...

Posted on Flare Stream (Position / Figures) on Tuesday July 29, 2008Hope, Valor, Clemency, Dedication, Count on.I know that put on is lately a lot of difficulty in the midst of associates who difficulty our free wish, to turn up that we can be the guidance of a dislike intensely theft... but that is not what has motivated me in this disaster.

Posted on Space LANDS (Position / Figures) on Tuesday July 29, 2008KnoxvilleApart from my own deepest sensations of surprise and embarrassment, I handle zero incredibly incomparable to reserve to everything that has been in print only about the awful ear-piercing Sunday at the Tennesse...

Posted on ONE DAY Isle (Position / Figures) on Tuesday July 29, 2008Updates on Knoxville TragedyHi friends, I'm text with a few updates on Knoxville. The UUA has a website page with contacts to key means addressing the Knoxville disaster

Posted on LOOKING FOR Count on (Position / Figures) on Tuesday July 29, 2008A Past performance of Harm Unwilling Unitarian-UniversalistsSunday's awful criticize on a Unitarian-Universalist church is, touchingly, completely the new in a want history of raid versus UUs and UU institutions by rightwing terrorists.

Posted on Fly-by-night AND Constant (Position / Figures) on Tuesday July 29, 2008I Can't Get It Out of My HeadI handle been reading the UU Blogsphere on and off in the function of yesterday in the function of I found out about the ear-piercing at TVUUC and I can't get it out of my model. I am not no problem why it is touching me as much as it is...

Posted on DRUUID (Position / Figures) on Tuesday July 29, 2008These Are Not Overcome Workforce.The the stage prophet of my church, The Unitarian Universalist House of worship of Akron, sent me a join to a powerful recount in print by Sara Robinson on the blog Orcinus Of Madmen and Martyrs We are an odd...

Posted on DRUUID (Position / Figures) on Tuesday July 29, 2008Virtual Tacit VigilI heard about the Knoxville TN disaster soon after late I inside at work Sunday. I was silly as such a awful act is so situate to recognize...

Posted on Bash OF Theme (Position / Figures) on Tuesday July 29, 2008CONGREGATIONAL UNITARIAN CHURCH-Memorializing the Knoxville victimsGreg McKendry, a church interpret hand-me-down his substantial cane to fling the gunman's first make an attempt tightfisted many. Linda Kraeger was attending the low-grade enjoyable with a tightly lace circle of pause friends...

Posted on "HERETIC, Differ, A Irregularity TO Refuse to comply" (Position / Figures) on Tuesday July 29, 2008More at UUpdates