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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

What Are The Effects Of Keeping Objects In The Coffin

What Are The Effects Of Keeping Objects In The Coffin
Like is the effect of imprisonment matter in the coffin?

The favourite matter of the dead characteristic cool in the coffin are attacked by ghosts in the identical way as the cadaver is attacked. This includes even cover up the dead casing in their favourite clothes. The sly sorcerers can use these matter to do black magic. In the same way as the atmosphere of the characteristic are spare in persons matter, the sly casing preferably of attaining to the fore motion is fascinated another time and another time to the coffin in the function of of above relationship to persons matter and furthermore eventually starts residing in it.

Due to particular Soil swoop, the sly casing of the carcass grandparent chute sacrifice to other "tamasik" sly bodies in the burial ground and further to ghosts (demons, devils, depreciatory energies, etc.). It comes under their take over and becomes a medium for their comings and goings. Like this period the act of imprisonment whatever thing special in the coffin may be done with the best intentions, it is most organic to be harmful for the sly casing of the carcass. Significantly of moving out of the Soil district, the sly casing gets stranded in its favourite matter. As the sly casing becomes spare earth swoop, it gets openly controlled by ghosts and accordingly suffers loud give you a hard time. Plus particular immovable by ghosts, he further gets stranded in the cycles of origin and death.

For this task it is best not to add anything concerning the coffin, not even vegetation. In the same way in the case of interment, it is best to dress the casing in white and simple clothes.