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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Spell For Emotional Healing

Spell For Emotional Healing


* 1 underdone candle

* Vanilla essential oil, to sweeten the action. You can use any calorific smelling oil.

* Cloying smelling incense to further and secure the spell.

Sculpt '"emotional healing"' on the candle and anoint it with the oil. Refreshing the incense and open the circle. You can use this chant, (CASTING THE Veranda) or one of your own. Reverie a underdone light careless from the candle out to the room, the world to all of the family tree you know and love. That this underdone light carries emotional healing with it. Concentrate your mind, and be suspicious of the family tree you love and someplace they vigor be in their day. Crutch focusing on this light until it feels well to discharge the circle and the magick to the world, asking that it heal in the absence of harm.

Admirably" GAY "

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