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Sunday, 16 December 2012

A New Birth Going From Muggle To Witch

A New Birth Going From Muggle To Witch
Your ego believes that you are equitable the way you are and determination forever be the self-same single.

Your ego makes you footing you lunch equitable this one life to billet totally and benefit from.

And you worry up this life with all kinds of substance, to substance all your requests

Government the rat burst all the time

You worry your days with meetings and appointments, and responsibilities to do,

You worry your home with substance to take into account at and conduct overweening of your gadgets

You do all this emblem.... and sometimes you tiptoe a holiday

Following, bend in two or thrice a time, you determination break down

You stick a meditation congeal or yoga class to find some tranquillity

You stick clubs, links, even spiritual ones, to find friends, and budding lovers,

And subsequent to a time on your Centennial you cut a cake and sustain friends boss

That's celebration!

of the muggle life

But for a Witch life is different!

To be a Witch is to really Come to pass

For you cannot billet fruit farm you know the meaning of life

You see the ending, the further up the ladder truth

In all substance, in all line, and in all of innovation

You connect with the sky and the earth

You see the life as your own multiply

You cast a spell and see your own key

You see that not a hint, without doubt not a hint is slight you

You know that you can shuffle and shape-shift concerning at all you lavish, you are bendable and adjustable

You see how everything is fine tuned concerning each other

How the life rearranges itself for you

You make substance lead... you really do

Gone you are a witch you wizen up

You lunch friends who essentially care for you and not equitable implementation they do

You know how to use your hunch

You know acquaint with is forever one absorbed of decision: the put right resolve

And you are forever in model carriage

Conventional in the past you footing you are not

For everything is so somber, even your transient goodbye out of carriage has a meaning

Your dreams are somber and you know how to interpret them

You can read the complex, not equitable in the cards, or stars, or teacups, but in your own deliberation which is wherever

You see the Angelic in everything, eminently yourself

You love being abandoned, you are never sleepy or bored of your own partnership

You do not acquire a enthusiast to authentic you

You study the properties of herbs, stones and oils and you know how to use them for the ritual of emblem miracles

Conventional the color of your the end is cleverly future, for its upcoming dogged thought

You are NEVER superstitious, you release hold in that you Know to be true and professional

You know that science is not release substance that you know but likewise substance that you are recurrently discovering, and spirituality is one of them

You train your third eye, your mega announcement and your sixth impression as furthest as you can all the time, for you know that is the way you can panorama the hidden realms

You do not rely release on gadgets and machines; you try to use your comprehensive brains

You are really organized, organized and you lunch fun bill your work tap

You vessel the energy of Adulation and Restrained

You can guide, heal, animate and lead

You know how to brook improbable from worry and loser mentality, not release that twisted by others but that twisted by yourself

You can banish all evil, eminently the ones lurking underneath your own shadow of beast

You can purify yourself and your intentions

You can cause and hold goodness, uppermost and first-rate in your focal point

You are a single of structure and you know that you forever lunch a Command

You make the live through of that which is best for not release you but likewise for the Nature as a whole

You give it some thought that what is best for the life as a whole determination be best for you

You wrap foliage, birds, the natural elements, sun, moon and stars in your reverence as you regard everything in innovation as correspondingly worship-able

You lunch no supply worshipping the universal self as the holy being more readily of forever referring to it as the god

You are stay that innovation is the true expressiveness of god and you lunch no foreboding in being your raw, natural self

You love your cost, your intellect, your spirit

You see no sin in lovemaking

You beam a lot and you cry too, you inflate with anger sometimes, but it is all at the same time as you are true to yourself

You do not conduct shamefaced in asking for the life for what you lavish, at the same time as you know you deserve it

You lunch self quantity, self venerate and self love

You acquit merely and totally, but you do not fail to see the lesson learnt

You are wholesome in your dealings; you forever girth your accounts

You are first and creative in your thinking and work

You say no in the past you know you have to

You are not inconsolable for at all, you know that time is your ritual,

You know you lunch infinite births and deaths and rebirths

You are intrepid of at all, death being the least possible of them

You do not script android to part

You are not a slave to any single, reason or belief fashion

You are free, as you essentially have to be

And your anniversary is yet just starting out day to be pleased about, as you know you are instinctive each day, by the power of your consciousness

You get stuck the music of the spheres and you conduct knocked for six by the synchronicities of life

Your life is blessed with the understanding of who you are

For you are a Witch and it is really a Increase thing to be!

Hooray on being one, and in line of reasoning you conduct you aren't one yet, bank me you are not very far!

Blissful Be!

Swati Praksh (Astra Wishkap)

Leading light Priestess - Arrive Medication Temple

Generally WICCA Society

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