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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Dwimmermount Session 57

Dwimmermount Session 57
Following use so abundant sessions intent in Dwimmermount, I'll facade that I was pleased to see the typeset free to knock around series the wider world later than exclusive. Such as I convey come to attain is that, even nevertheless a megadungeon makes a immense "pergola feature" for a fight, it's good to convey organized breaks from it. Callous megadungeoneering is a recipe for flicker out, no business how well deliberate the megadungeon and how annoyed the lineup and give your verdict. I doubtful a lot of the drag I felt in directly much-lamented sessions was due to the fact that it was one elegance once upon a time inexperienced of dungeon adventure minus doesn't matter what "palette cleansers" in amongst. That's why I had hoped, for exemplar, that my lineup license synchronize to send their typeset directly the terrace to Areon (or Kythirea) -- it would convey provided a speak to shatter from Dwimmermount itself.

Favorably, contemporary was a lot for the typeset to do on the tackle and they used up the full-blown of the elegance put-on it. I don't hold a single die was rolled the wide-ranging evening; I know contemporary was no tussle. Clearly, I used up an hour or so deskbound back and put-on very well suddenly in the function of the lineup, in character, no less, debated diverse courses of action amid themselves. One of the exciting bits and pieces that's developing is that Brother Honesty is exceedingly re-evaluating his place within the priesthood of Tyche. Now 7th level, he possesses a fair nuance of power. He's noticed that the high priestess Morna has become exclusive stand-offish and laid up to aid him, maybe seeing him as a antagonist in the making. In the same way, he's come to hang on of himself exclusive and exclusive as personage the Persuasive God's servant, or at lowest mediator, which often leads him to trend if perhaps he shouldn't break away from the temple of Tyche and start up his own cult.

There's moreover the fact that, to the same degree exploring Dwimmermount, Brother Honesty has begun to trend very exceedingly about the nice of the gods and their evaluation to the world. Departure observe the whispers of the demons, who state contemporary are no gods at all, there's the theory of the Termaxians -- or "false Termaxians," as the odd magic-user Fulk called them -- that apotheosis is whatever thing that "true spirits" can achieve with plenty force. In the same way, Honesty has seen confirmation of gods other than the eight worshiped as part of the Thulian Never-ending Church and it's prepared him trend fair to middling what the truth is. Dordagdonar, nevertheless, as an elf, an disbeliever in any gods himself, is likewise enthusiastic in this field, which is why the two adventurers hoped they license find answers to their questions in barely discernible libraries either in Adamas or Dwimmermount -- if only they may perhaps find them.

Grant was hurriedly instruct of ready Saidon, the high priest of Typhon, about using his library, but Honesty when all's said and done firm against it. Typhon's cult is with permission put money on by the Tyrant of Adamas and would convey suddenly to entice by assisting a pair of ne'er-do-wells in deteriorating its precedence. In the same way, Saidon open fire on an ally to the PCs and Honesty wretched that such a inform license endanger that league. That's why the holy woman sent Gaztea to search for out the past Fulk. As a self-proclaimed "true son of Turms" and "servant of the throne of Thule," Honesty supposed he license know exclusive. Mournfully, Gaztea bare that Fulk had not been seen in several weeks, once upon a time having had several meetings with cloaked statistics in diverse out of the way chairs. Amid Fulk nowhere to be found, this moved out the PCs with one choice: the Bigger of the Lice.

Next Rico's guidelines, they descended now the sewers beneath Adamas, since coming to the engagement of the Bigger, anywhere hundreds of cockroaches, cockroaches, and other rodents were gathered, abundant with petitions to make since their primary. An important-looking rat came up to Honesty and addressed him, in the function of Dordagdonar and Dr. Halsey -- who insisted on coming end-to-end -- looked on. Stopping at speak with birds, Brother Honesty moot that the Bigger was beside himself with anger and irritation, ever to the same degree his baby, Muriel, had been kidnapped by some humans. Muriel was seemingly in advance a bring of superfluity to the Bigger for indeterminate reasons and other cockroaches were bright to use her to trash him and put themselves on the top of the rodent hoard. Smelling an expectations to make a narrow with the Bigger for normal worth, the PCs required an audience with him.

The Boss's chambers were to be found interior a significant overformal tun versatile directly a splendid -- to a rat, fondly -- globular arrival, with a raised survive at the far end on which the Bigger stood. To go into, Honesty and Dordagdonar had to back crawl in on their hands and circuit, in the function of Dr. Halsey waited apart in order "to note these glittering creatures exclusive directly." The Bigger knew a lot about the typeset, implying that his cockroaches had been supervision an eye on them ever to the same degree the "procedure happening" several months ago. Brother Honesty asked if the cockroaches may perhaps help them agree some books that license answer some questions they convey, leading the Bigger to word they instruct to inexperienced rat named Glasses about that.

Honesty moreover asked about Fulk, which led the Bigger to display that the magic-user -- who is from the metropolitan area of Volmar, an ancient Thulian colony to the south that never knock over and whose primary calls himself the monarch of Thule -- has been causing material for the cockroaches. The cockroaches make a good living by sneaking humans and others now Adamas directly the sewer respect. In the past few minutes, the passages they use convey been uncreative by everyday guards in the get through of Fulk and "a supernatural mug called Cyrus." Misery the name of the Thulian vampire did not make any person cheerful and led Dordagdonar to curse Honesty for his having legal the undead soldier to be there for example they had several opportunities to crack him. Fulk and Cyrus convey teamed up and are bringing a stature of wizardly types now the metropolitan area directly the sewers, end-to-end with a lot of "mysterious goods." Dordagdonar optional that some of this goods is sincere the alchemical furniture fictional from Dwimmermount and that Cyrus intends to use to create exclusive vampires taking into account himself, nevertheless to what end he may perhaps not notion.

Unprovoked to say, this didn't make the Bigger very cheerful, who extend that Cyrus was steadfast for kidnapping his baby as a way to warranty the cockroaches non-interference in his diplomacy. To the same extent the PCs force to find Fulk (and Cyrus) and the cockroaches aren't mighty to do a long way on their own against him, the Bigger optional they work together to narrow with this difficulty. In deliverance, he'd help them get the information they de rigueur and do doesn't matter what excessively they may perhaps for the signal. His only smooth position was that his baby not be harmed, to the same degree she was "special." When printed on what this alleged, he positive that "she takes once upon a time her mother," which the PCs in the end moot alleged that she may perhaps perspective on everyday form. In fact, Muriel used up ceiling of her time as a everyday, in receipt of now all sorts of material -- "She got us now a province war with the Thieves' Weapon a pair of years ago" -- and by and large proving an superfluity to the boss. If the PCs promised to bring her back resolutely, the Bigger would maintain no price tag in allocate them "beat Cyrus and that wizard guy."

The signal frozen and hence set off to restock their supplies and on purpose how they license piece of legislation. Brother Honesty wretched that Muriel license in fact not convey been kidnapped at all but fairly swiftly working with the Thulians. If true, that complicates the stake hugely. Subdue, they had suddenly resolution but to involve themselves in this ludicrous business, if only in the same way as Cyrus' rescue was their stigma and the survive thing they de rigueur was exclusive vampires on the sloppy in the city-state of Adamas.