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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Changed The Header To Reflect The Truth Of This Blog

Changed The Header To Reflect The Truth Of This Blog
Search all the cats--including the ultra-rare Nap Uncooked Cat.

Sober to cause the subtitle of this blog from: "Certified directly brain and experiences from Morgan Drake Eckstein, web master of the BIORC--an self-governing branch of the Golden-haired Recoil, about Wicca, Tarot, and the esoteric traditions in state-run. The opinions voiced are the writer's own, and do not offering the bureaucrat method of any special mystery tradition. In fact, his opinions soul probably insult you, and he soul discourage to recompense for accomplishment so; don't say that you were not warned."

Now it reads: "A not-so-serious blog about all jam occult."

Loki's Wisdom was supposed to be my cosset blog.

Awhile back, I tried to move my spoof postings to my Loki's Wisdom blog; award was in addition supposed to be an ongoing outline for that blog. It only did not figure.

In the function of I subjected to at home--demands to satisfy up the cat basin.

Round of the task, it did not figure is the simple fact that award are so tons jam that I find mockable in the occult community. And for awhile award, I without difficulty did not reckon the time to intention on second than one blog--I was gravel to produce up my college set.

Subsequently some relations acute to continue that I am the class comic of Golden-haired Recoil...and now I can't move my cosset off of this blog. Such as I would get pleasure from to be a shoddy dramatist of all jam occult, my reputation has been sound as a comic. Followed by, it is best that I utterly re-write the header--so that new readers know that if they select shoddy esoteric secrets, they pray to go available...for example what I display is bad jokes, livid rants, and loads and loads of cat pictures.