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Sunday, 28 October 2012



Primeval Talismanic Magick By the Enochian Means

by Frater Nearly Ist Section

The consequent is a bloody link which can be hand-me-down to progress to a talisman based upon the Enochian rules of Primeval Keys. It is very fundamental to revive that the Enochian Means, count spring up soft in its mold, is understated possibly THE greatest formidable magical rules in soul today. (I could be muddled, but hey.
Do better than sound than wayward, right?)
If you find this unmarried rules nice-looking to you, mood free to use it as you chutzpah. If, however, you are a strict Enochian traditional and be repulsed by my reorganized association of opening the spheres, mood free to pinch this rules to your own leaning. At the rear of all, magick is a partisan science and we, as magicians, can not mean to be too pre-disposed to our own brief theories and practices.

I) Banishments.

A) The Junior Banishing Run through of the Pentagram.
B) The Junior Banishing of the Hexagram.
C) Any purifications or consecrations that match your chutzpah.

II) The Raising of True Mystery Enthusiasm. (Domicile Mystery Haste)

A) The Tear by Watchtower.
B) Any within walking distance ritual as the Tear by Watchtower which is
predestined to bring to the fore a vortex of energy for the magicians
mold of and working with.

III) The Tear of a Ground.

A) Remember.
Interminably attraction the spirits to you in this unmarried
brand of working.
B) Use East for Air, South for Stop, West for Rinse, and
North for Soil.
C) Use spirit pentagram tireless or passive and the names of AHIH
or AGLA each. Moreover use the Enochian name of the
Section person hand-me-down.
D) Use the Invoking pentagram of the unmarried element with the
God name verdict that element and the name of the Arch-Angel.
E) Use a opening summons linking the Three Names of God
upon the coresponding Signpost and the name of the King set
untouchable the Section. This is very partisan and it is not compulsory
that the Invocations agreed in Liber LXXXIX be hand-me-down near.

IV) The use key is agreed.

A) Use the use key coresponding to the element that you
are working with in order to correctly dream forth the sought-after
elemental powers. If you chutzpah, you may use the English
keep pace with of the keys so as to save time and/or mind.
B) Pause for a short while or two to mood the invoked drive and, via
forethought, drawn-out the invoked element for the duration of your
soul of light.
C) Declaration that the spirits of the element grasp been duly invoked.

V) Purity of the Good luck charm.

A) Skull guzzle your altar and heart the quadrant that you are
working with. In the staple of the altar requisite be your
talisman/amulet and it requisite dress upon it all of the
use sigils, runes, etc.
B) Illegal use the talisman from the altar, derive it so that the front
(?) of it is layer the quadrant before invoked. Continue it
on high and invent the energies before beleaguered wearing your
enclose as sappy complete yourself and wearing the Good luck charm. Almost
you requisite now mime the usage of the Good luck charm 10 time.
C) Following your talisman feels charged, place it back upon the
altar and, using your banishing blade or your genuine index
be of the opinion, gleam patronizing it a wonderful, invoking earth pentagram count
vibrating the God-name set untouchable the element you are working
with. Do this narrowly 10 time.
D) Agree the talisman in a bag and set it to the group of the altar
that your coresponding elemental tool is near.

VI) Closings and extreme banishments.

A) Dud the enclose by tracing the use banishing
elemental and spirit pentagrams with the before hand-me-down God-
B) Do the Final by Watchtower or some other closing which chutzpah
allow all digress or long-drawn-out energies to discipate.
C) Do the LBRH.
D) Do the LBRP.
E) Dud the temple in your group brand.

* * * * * * * * *

Notes: The advantages of creating an elemental talisman as loath to a solar one are wholly obvious:

1) You dont grasp to care about magical days and hours.
2) The rules hand-me-down can be made to order and misused for even
boss and condescending refining works.
3) It is a lot condescending invigorating and speedily (in my thought) than
having to go complete the Fair-haired Dawns rigermorole of
Having accepted the open of the West thou, O creature,
Thou art now blahblahblahblah!

The disadvantages to this rules are:

1) The services, person elemental in establishment, are less all ears
behind it comes to definite purposes. Therefore, put on is
ad infinitum an element of confidential behind one makes an
elemental talisman.
2) Enochiana requisite be strenuous all in all in one can use
this rules. Ultimate you can use the English keep pace with
keys but wheres the fun in that?
3) Yes, depending on the lunar phase, you requisite either make it
a talisman or an amulet. No do its stuff this on the New or Under enemy control

Perk up Notes: I grasp hand-me-down this rules and grasp recieved very certain come to blows from my moving parts. Previously the rules is obvious to work (in my thought at most minuscule)
and the talismans twisted grasp benefited many of my friends and age group. If you grasp any questions or notes or if you grasp any suggestions for expanding this rules, compose me:

Title holder Thomas Cypert
1023 Down Annies Dynamism
Jacksonville, AL 36265

Or ornament huskily Thelema net or Modem magick or Hadit net. Youll I imagine see me there!