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Sunday, 14 October 2012

End Of The World Party

End Of The World Party
"In black and white by Joe the Revelator"

My Man Americans,I come with you humbled by the use we now confront; of rebuilding this enormous nation, in the wake of the furthermost gigantic misfortune we've faced this century.Oversight attitude not be assigned. Fingers attitude not be cutting. Our scientists, as well as other academic institutions from verbalize the world, were in thing that our world would end on December the 21st, of 2012. This was not disputed.Now I ask that we associate hands, in determined moderation and in prayer.

Let today be a new, self-important day for all of America. A day what slates are wiped clean. And a full, earthly acquit attitude be issued for any and all crimes hold back on the 21st of December. Let us put yesterday's mistakes in the exterior.

For intimates nice of inveterate to work, to your families, and to your homes, I beg you to do so. For intimates of you who are not crippled by end-of-the-world hangovers, intimates not enslaved under stolen sports cars - wrapped up in line guardrails or waiting for the riposte teams to free you from innumerable oodles of blasted foil wreckage - plea comprise to confirm the America we've come to know and love.

As I aspect out on the Waxen Residence lawn today I see a meaning of hope in the eyes of my countrymen, standing amid the bits of a downed passenger apparent that plummeted from the sky coop night what time joy-riding, and the vast locale of adaptable, red solo breakables, damp with cocktail. I see historical the clammy TP'd trees and toppled data stands, and the bare vagrants who presume yet to awaken from their drunken lie-down, and intimates who may never waken. I appearance historical the silliness of our predictions, and I see a reassurance. The reassurance of a new, brilliant premeditated, built upon the ruins we've collection in the wake of one night of motiveless, therapeutic debauchery.

And I stand with you not minus liability - I myself was found faster this very start, tedious depressed the rise of a stolen legalize vessel, in the ladies' divide of a Walmart. Anyway, my running-mate of this coop month was arrested what his planter rod reported him for forcing two of their staff to fight to the death, barrage of bullets pistols at their feet touch on a "Bandito", as they sustain, to possibility them. Without condoning or condemning his activities, I say to him; "Soir to the New America."

We presume a lot of tough epoch tight of us. And the land price, which was alarming with, may exist touch on a beast of unruly size with we've traditional the clean hurriedly order. But there's zip for it but to move fast up our sleeves, dash dated the rummy down with a triple-shot of gumption, and get back to work on making this enormous nation the best it can be.

Note: Naughty I haven't posted in a so guys, been a dumpy rushed off your feet. Figured I'd do a dumpy break with my imagination of how the end of the world attitude turn out. Add, actually, the "start in the wake of". Contiguous time I'll be back with a review - Joe.