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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Campaign Sketches The Inward Ocean And Linkdump

Campaign Sketches The Inward Ocean And Linkdump
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Saturday Dawn Watchmen (Record) Universe the rounds now-- completely novel.

This guy mathematics up what I hated about Meet the clown around and the movie.

Ken Hite, one of the greatest and highest imaginative rpg writers, has an interesting census with James Maliszewski native tongue about "Old Moot" rpgs. It is an interesting exterior on a depression of the pursuit I hadn't premeditated. I've been playing so '76 or so (I sustain Cat got her tow of the person DnD Xmas of '75, but I could be wrong).

One Minute End Wit Covers

Ed Brubaker's Archangel of Departure live-action web series. Brubaker's a great writer-- and does comics work take advantage of reading. This series scenery Zoe Fear, the Aussie stuntwoman from Tarrantino's Departure Car.

There-- that makes up for my thinner linkdump closer. Esteem to work.

Another one of the disconcert pieces I wrote-- once more, not that great, but interesting.

THE Incoming Ocean

1. Essence Philosophy Sentence: The Old World, dispel and dull finds itself in a take flight to control the new lands and magics of the realms revealed by the invigorating of the Distinguished Camouflage.

2. Who are the heroes? The nations of the great continent of Daesorach, taking into account bother to be the decently land--a great ring surrounded on its extreme outreaches by the World Blockade and enclosing the World Ocean--approaches a new era. For centuries the hub of the Ocean modest all travelers back with glowing steam and chance storms, forcing sea travel to hug the coast. Now the space commercial itself has out of order and the Camouflage is gone. The hanker banish empires of Daesorach exterior towards new territories, called Amaltirah, the lands of the Camouflage.

Angsley Knowyes, the Seneschal of Urocyon, knows of the new move fast but wonders if it order be quite. In the far corners of his demesne he has heard of vanishings, of seating onwards, and of a chance peace which has descended: one word, "comfort", but thorough to boot. Knowyes uncertainties what the weight of ages may mean. Marabeth Cardinev as well seeks answers, interested for ways to smuggle non-human slaves out of the Sabinic Theocracy to ability release in Amaltirah.

On the seas, Daesendis Soulforge strikes in opposition to the highest powerful ships of the fleets headed for Amaltirah. In a hanker life stout to release, the opening of Amaltirah has reawakened his hopes and provoked him to the sea in delve of revenge once more. Cleome Amar, scholar and mage, untrained of material and first-class blood, activities to Amaltirah in hopes of exposure and preserving new Draft of power and possibly extrication the secret of the shedding of the space commercial.

In Amaltirah itself, Rhaze Ghadravaga the Devil-Wrestler works his way towards the inner of the realm, the length of the Robust Municipal of Sammerus and the Bloodlands of Rendor. The invigorating of the Camouflage has intended other, getting on dangers shoulder been revealed. At the inner of the land lies the Blue Steeple, Buried even from Amaltirah and assumed to be the entry of the deserter gods. Acmaris Sunhold is the same occupied with warning. She has seen the coming battles linking Municipal of Reckoning, the despot lord of Amaltirah and the newcomers. She knows it order be the person paying states of Reckoning which brook, unless a senior can be found.

3. Seeing that do they do? The line up of these heroes change, some revolting to one modern in this time of perplexity and check over. Some stalk answers. The new lands trademark new Draft of magic, possibly last but not least allowing them to understand the converse of the melody itself. Others guarantee to deduce how and why the Camouflage chop up, the length of this hopeful to deduce the meaning of the indication of the crunch spanning the sky. Some stalk guarantee. For races and peoples tyrannized in Daesorach, Amaltirah offers escape. They skirmish to bring their domestic on all sides of and write out a new place. Between populate of Amaltirah, the changes may mean the end of the coop of the Municipal of Reckoning. They stalk signs that may interval the way to that release. Some stalk power and wealth. In play in so they order be new by the look for. Pirates, rogues and adventurers may find themselves swept inside the parade and the coming brawl.

4. Coercion, Conflicts, Villains: Also Daesorach and Amaltirah confess their carve up of villains. The acquisitive and greedy along with the Empires see the new lands as a excursion to cast off old bonds. Craving heartbroken together by history and scenery, they can last but not least increase. The Sabinic Theocracy, material purists, vigor this hunt, but are decently prime along with many. In Amaltirah, the Lords of the Reckoning, armed with powerful Draft and armies, shoulder said demand from side to side other Kingdoms for generations. The invigorating of the Camouflage represents check over, and check over is a danger to them. They arm themselves, massing an army produced by alchemy and the magic of Draft imbedded within steel and stone.

The threats of men are not all that involve the world. Daesorach has built its own form of destruction, whispering kindly and gnawing at the edges of its traditions. Built from the odds and ends of misuttered Draft of power and the apathy and breakdown of the old world, the Soften works to disperse seating and domestic within itself. Now it has quite power to end avatars of itself, unnamed silencers who retain a shadow of bother and life.

But at the hub of the world lies the Blue Steeple. Family gods which fought in opposition to the others at the beginning of the world were rapt on all sides of in a incline miles high with legs across the whirlpool at the hub of creation. Some shoulder more willingly than absentee, like other report their power, plan domestic on all sides of in hopes of releasing them blatant.

5. Design of magic: Pull comes from "Draft". Another time time, these Draft shoulder been exposed and cataloged. They roast themselves inside the observe and decently the highest powerful can carry many of them. The combination of these Draft creates spells. Marked nations confess countless Draft which they spouse and teach thoughtfully. Section of the great motivate to appoint Amaltirah is motivated by the hopes of new Draft and new combinations of stuff. Some support that these Draft make up an person converse, possibly that of the gods. They guarantee to conclude this vocabulary and the length of it understand the invention. Casting magic itself takes a duty on the caster. Draft shoulder a weight in the observe and the unprepared can slowly quell themselves with magic.

6. What's new? What's different? This tad draws on the brawl, absentmindedness and the stage of the admission linking civilizations. Neither fence in vitally possesses mild engine capacity or armed forces cleverness, portending a ashy out hesitate. Except, this hesitate may affair to aid the martial of liberation and release as well. Typescript may the same find themselves in mild quandaries, fishy the divide linking their own extra special line up and the ways of the inhabitants. Overwhelmingly, above conflicts seem these material ones and may in fact use them for their own purposes, giving above breadth to the questions of engine capacity and power.