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Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Holy Martyrs Pamphilius The Presbyter Valens The Deacon Paul Porphyrius Seleucius Theodulus Julian Samuel


The Blessed Martyrs Pamphilius the Presbyter, Valens the Deacon, Paul, Porphyrius, Seleucius, Theodulus, Julian, Samuel, Elias, Daniel, Jeremiah and Isaiah suffered in the sphere of the pestering opposed to Christians, initiated by the sovereign Diocletian in the living 308-309 at Caesarea in Palestine.

The holy wounded person Pamphilius, a instinctive of the city of Beirut, was urbane at Alexandria, once which he was finished a priest at Caesarea. He obsessive far off donkey work to collecting manuscripts and correcting copyist errors in the texts of the New Testament. The corrected texts of St Pamphilius were banal and strewn to somebody who looked-for them. Repeated pagans were swayed to Christ target them.

His works and problematic matters at Caesarea were gathered up in the sphere of the revered library of spiritual books safe for the refining of Christians. St Jerome (4th-5th century) completely convincing St Pamphilius and restrained himself acceptably to seize positioned and acquired various of his manuscripts.

Wholeheartedly back up St Pamphilius in proclaiming the wish in Christ were St Valens, deacon of the church at Eleia, a man arched with age and educated in the Blessed Scriptures, and St Paul, well developed in wish and love for Christ the Knight in shining armor. All three were attentive for two living by Metropolis, the official of Palestinian Caesarea.

Appearing in the custom of his inheritor Firmilian, 130 Christians were sentenced in Egypt and sent to Cilicia (Asia Petty) to work in the gold mines. Five natural brothers accompanied them to the place of exile. On their return to Egypt they were detained at Caesarea and perplexed in the sphere of jail for confessing Christ.

The youths appeared forward Firmilian, together with family attentive earlier: Sts Pamphilius, Valens and Paul. The five Egyptian youths took the names of Old Testament prophets, Elias, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Samuel and Daniel. Asked while they were from, the youths said that they were people of Jerusalem, meaning the delicious Jerusalem. Firmilian knew go of such a city, since Jerusalem had been razed to the take by the sovereign Titus in the rendezvous 70. The sovereign Hadrian (117-138) built a new city on the site, which was called Aelia Capitolina.

Firmilian suffering the youths for a hope time. He sought after to learn the stain of the unknown city, and he sought after to persuade the youths to apostatize. But go was talented, and the official prearranged them to be beheaded by the sword with Pamphilius, Valens and Paul.

To the fore this occurred, a servant of Pamphilius endured make an effort. This was the eighteen-year-old juvenile Porphyrius, subservient and wish. He had heard the locking up of death for the condemned martyrs, and asked the governor's mandate to drown the bodies once their ceremonial. For this he was sentenced to death, and perplexed in the sphere of a fire.

A comment of this ceremonial, the holier-than-thou Christian Seleucius, a other warrior, in saluting the accomplishments of the dead, went to Pamphilius and told him about the martyric death of St Porphyrius. He was detained by militia and, on Firmilian's information, was beheaded by the sword together with the condemned.

One of the governor's servants, Theodulus, a man of admirable age and a secret Christian, met the martyrs such as led to ceremonial, embraced them and asked them to pray for him. He was in demand by militia to Firmilian, on whose information he was crucified.

The natural Julian, a instinctive of Cappadocia who had come to Caesarea, saw the bodies of the saints which had been perplexed to rowdy beasts inadequate wake. Julian went down on his leg and admired the bodies of the dead. Legion standing by at the wall detained him and took him to the official, who condemned him to blazing. The bodies of all twelve martyrs remained unburied for four days, but neither beasts nor game birds would involve yourself in them. Ashamed by this state of affairs, the pagans officially recognized Christians to appeal to the bodies of the martyrs and drown them.


Your holy martyrs, Pamphilius and his companions, O Lady, target their sufferings seize traditional incorruptible crowns from You, our God. For having Your woodenness, they laid low their adversaries, and destroyed the not capable impertinence of demons. Through their intercessions, assign our souls!


Faced with intolerable sufferings, the courageous athletes of the Lady rejoiced; they conversed with one innovative ignoring the flesh. Thus, they seize transmissible eternal character, ever praying for us who tax their struggles.


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