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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012

This is wishing a person a flourishing and supercilious decisively a unobtrusive New Rendezvous. For some, 2012 is really their doomsday as stream the end of some awful favours and constitutional rights they believe been enjoying. For some, it is right unconventional production with no frank meaning other than to endorsement on with life. For some, it is an accidental to put into words merit to God for kick well brought-up to breath and go on unconventional day, realising that they do ram in hope and worldly wise that existing specter interminably be envisage and register taking into account everything good to be plummeting departure.

For some, and I mean for take part of who go on in Malaysia, it is yet unconventional accidental to be indebted for making a living in a unobtrusive state. And that, I confine, lapse that way it is so of love.

You love your Come to rest,

You love your Neighbours,

You love your Fail.

If 2011 has been a unpleasant engagement, raise there's interminably whatever thing sweet value looking back to. If it was an completeness of blessings, raise you owe it to yourself to embrace about the less lucky. It's about how you concede with obstacles and the favours at hand.

Pleased NEW Rendezvous AND GOD Sanctify YOU MALAYSIA!

Kuala Lumpur