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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Best Job In The World Author

Best Job In The World Author
Utmost days, life form an create is a solitary and difficult job. You work longing hours, habitually with no guarantee that your words preference ever see the light of day. Unless you are very, very good and very, very lucky, you preference never get resonant from it. (Excluding sometimes stage are cookies.)

But some days, no matter which happens that makes it all beneficial.

This was what I got today from one of my readers:


I just hunch I would ball you a notify to produce you that Ordinary Witch A to Z Spellbook is just fantastic. Nothing neighboring other authors being I unearth the hardwork and concentrated demur put hip their books, but your book is fantastic. My dog Get as far as and I carry moved out huge hours researching the permit spell and acquaint with they are in one sweet recite.

I love your books and they are kept usable to my hub at all times. You carry a magickal way with words and carry found a true career. I am so organized to carry found your books and treasure all the hardwork and love you put hip them.

Thank you for chipping in your gift (and Magic's) and I look like lapse to at all you are brewing up followed by.

Blessings to you and all you love!

Your Fan Kimberly

Thank you, Kimberly, from the ending of my lonely author's hub. You complete my day. Hell, you complete my freaking month.You (and Get as far as) are why I sign up. Blessings to you, too. And heaps and heaps of cookies.